7 Quick Anti Aging Sayings

by Joe
(New England, US)

We all know the adage beauty comes from within. So I have some quick sayings that I have found useful:

1. Attitude speaks everything. Change your attitude first.

2. An exercise that is enjoyable keeps many problems at bay.

3. Eating a healthy, balanced diet with the required amount of fruits and vegetables helps keep an active lifestyle.

4. Stress is a main cause of aging, so we need to really relax under demanding situation and not panic.

5. Importantly always be happy, create laughter around you, keep everyone happy, share; it lightens your heart and you can lose ten years of your age.

6. Remember that aging is nothing but that you are more experienced than the person next you.

7. Enjoy good health and keep active and be happy and forget thinking about your age.

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