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Aging Diseases (Degenerative Diseases) Today and How to Prevent Them

Hello, welcome to the aging disease section on Aging diseases (AKA degenerative diseases) has always been a problem for mankind, (Different problems for different times) but in general but we are learning more and more how to fight them (Know anyone that has died of Typhoid lately?) each and every day. I put together this page to describe these kinds of diseases today and what can be done to stop them.

First we will discuss what they are, how many are out there, and then show how we can begin to fight them!

What is a degenerative disease (aging disease)?

Degenerative disease is a word that describes the body breaking down from within. A definition of what a degenerative disease or aging disease can be pretty complicated but in simple English is “a disease in which the body slowly falls apart over time, due to normal wear and tear on our system or how we choose to live such as whether we exercise or not, or our eating habits.”

So that is what aging diseases are, here is what causes them:

Our body is a machine made of approximately 50-100 trillion cells (That is a lot, by the way, re-read it. Think about it!) and over time they fall apart in 4 primary ways:

DNA Damage

Every day, every cell in your body is attacked by hundreds of thousands of DNA-damaging assaults (From the sun to . These assaults damage the cell’s genetic code, creating a “oops” and each new one building on top of the last, this over time reduces how the cell works and how long they last.

Genetic Regulators

Our bodies have their own genetic regulators that keep aging diseases (degenerative diseases) in control, by trying to keep a balance between damage and repair, including also if a cell will live or not. This too breaks down over time.

Energy Production Slows Down

Mitochondria (Our bodies Cellular Power Plants) in our cells create energy without which we can’t survive. As the mitochondria become less efficient, cell function declines.

AGE Proteins Increase

We also start gaining Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) these proteins essentially start clogging up the system and start causing inflammation which causes cellular damage that can cause multiple problems through out the body.

So why does this matter to you?

You either want to slow these processes in your body, or support those parts of your body that are under assault by them to live a longer life. (More on this later and how to put it in to practice)

The Call Out List of Degenerative Diseases you will recognize:

• (ALS), e.g., Lou Gehrig's Disease

• Alzheimer's disease

• Parkinson's Disease

• Multiple system atrophy

• Niemann Pick disease

• Atherosclerosis

• Progressive supranuclear palsy

• Cancer

• Tay-Sachs Disease

• Diabetes

Heart Disease

• Keratoconus

• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

• Prostatitis

• Osteoarthritis

• Osteoporosis

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Huntingtons Disease

All of these can be traced to one or more of the 4 processes we talked about in the previous section. These are the major killer diseases in the United States today. In fact heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States today. The best part though is that they don’t have to be!

This is what we will discuss in the next section.

How to Prevent Aging Diseases

So you might be saying, how can we prevent degenerative diseases aren’t they inevitable?

No, no a thousand times no! Diseases are defined as something you can fight. Yes, they are caused by a breakdown in your system over time. But if you can rebuild, repair or defend your system, then you have defeated the disease!

First how to defend your system: stresses aging disease prevention over care as a rule. That is not waiting around to even start showing the warning signs of a disease before seeking to prevent it. This is called Diagnostic Preventative Health care and has many benefits.

If you have started on the anti aging diet then you are already half way there! This is prevention at its most basic. By taking in the right ingredients your body will be able to make the right recipe as it were. Your body is constantly whether asleep or awake doing one thing and that is to keep you alive and kicking. We can sometimes make its job difficult and if we make its job easy, we can live a longer life!

Despite a good diet though you need anti aging supplements to fill in the holes that will be left by the best diet (Click the link for a full break down on what supplements are out and what they do).

So what about if you are at a particular risk to a specific disease?

For instance, cancer has many forms that are hereditary and those that have had family members that have cancer are automatically at greater risk because it is assumed the genes that were triggers in one case can be present in family members as well.

So what to do?

Get on a good diet and supplement program and in both the diet and program, emphasize on substances that are known to prevent that disease. (Check out the links below for the specific preventative recommendations if we don’t have it contact and we will get back to soon!).

That is about it!

This is the simplicity that is found by preventing disease instead of fighting it after the fact. It gets real complicated with a billion treatment options, opinions of doctors, then second opinions of doctors, hospital choices, etc. Not to mention all the pain and suffering involved.

If you find yourself currently fighting a disease, we have options for you as well!

Check out the links at the bottom of this page and again, click the contact us link for any questions or diseases not covered yet!

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