Amway Artistry Time Defiance Skin Care System and Refinishing Lotion Review

by Madhurina Roy

This is my Time Defiance Skin Care System and refinishing lotion review were some expensive products so I was a bit hesitant about buying this product from an Amway distributor. On looking at the brochure and reading about the benefits of this system I decided to try it out. This product is included in the Amway’s artistry skincare products. I am 44 years old I have some brown spots on the face due to hormonal imbalance therefore I was on the lookout for just such a product.

On using this product in the very first weeks I noticed that it improved my skin tone and my skin felt much smoother. I used it twice everyday and by the end of the third month I could see a very remarkable change in my skin texture. This lotion encourages natural exfoliation of the skin and hence improves skin tone. This product’s hydrolipid matrix helps to keep the skin hydrated and smooth preventing moisture loss. It furthermore reduced fine lines that appeared on my face due to age.

One Problem:

Although the product information that I received along with the lotion stated that it removes dark spots but by using it for three months the existing brown spots on my skin has not reduced but it has discouraged the further appearance of brown spots.

Try it out you will not be disappointed!

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