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Introduction to our Anti Aging Diet

It is not what you are thinking so don't worry! Our Anti Aging Diet, “The Source Longevity Diet”, is more than just a list of things you can't eat! First a little in the way of introduction and then we will jump into the plan.

Our Anti Aging Diet plan is designed with your freedom in mind and not your restriction! (If you have not checked it out yet read the anti aging mindset to get more information on the basis of this program.)

1.) Freedom from the idea that food is our enemy.

Remember in the anti aging mindset section when we learned who our real enemy is? For those that haven’t read it yet it is recommended that you do that now. But for those who won’t, I will give it away anyway. Aging! That is the disease (and yes it is a disease) that we fight.

Food in this battle is neutral, so no use staring it down, fearing it, or treating it like the enemy. Other diet plans out there often treat certain things like fats, carbs, and sugars as foes to be eradicated. But even sugars have a place in an anti aging diet, and also, without allowing for the occasional indulgence, any diet is going to fail.

2.) Freedom from the idea that everything that tastes good is bad for us.

We tend to shy away from diets, because we believe they will be tasteless monstrosities that are a list of don’t do this and don’t do that. I want you to know you can do many things that other diets say you can’t!

3.) Freedom from the diet cycle and the ability to truly live.

This is not an anti aging diet we are talking about when you really get down to it. It is an anti aging adventure!

The Source Longevity Diet

The things you can do!

(You will be surprised..)

In the Source Anti Aging Diet:

You can eat meat. No pure vegetarian diet here!

Focus on high quality, low fat content, and not eating it often (more then 4-5 times a week).

This means first no growth hormones, naturally fed; beef, chicken, fish, lamb or venison.

In the case of beef for example, compare beef tenderloin vs. a Rib Eye steak. From the same size sample of a 3 ounce serving, you get the same protein (Rib eye: 24 grams, Tenderloin, 25 grams) but the Rib Eye has almost twice as much fat!

In the case of chicken be sure to know its source. Best is free range, organic fed and skinless (The skin is where most of the impurities from chickens reside).

Fish is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids (More on this in anti aging supplements), but is relatively high in other fats and at great risk of the different pollutants that have ended up in our oceans and lakes. Keep it to once a week, unless you are sure they are from a quality fish farm. Then you can up it to twice a week (they still have that fat!).

Throw in Lamb and Venison for spice and variety!

You can fry your food. Including your veggies!

You do not have to bake or broil everything. You can fry your food and even your veggies; just use quality olive oil for it all. Olive oil is, in fact, a key ingredient in this anti aging diet.

If there is one thing to go out and do right now, it is to go and replace all the cooking oils in the house with this one. The Greek culture has been historically long living and has low levels of heart disease, and this is the oil they use throughout their diet. They use it in everything and this step alone could add 1 or more years to your life.

Olive oil is high in Omega-3’s and has no trans-fat, making it the perfect oil.

Experiment with this oil and various spices (Oregano is a good one that is also antioxidant rich), to make your vegetables come alive!

This leads us to the next thing we get to do:

You experiment all you want with your veggies and fruits! (You can do no wrong)

In our Longevity diet we use all the colors; red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purple. Fruits and vegetables come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You should try and enjoy them all!

Turn this into a game like find the fruit or vegetable of the week, and enjoy yourself!

Read up on the top antioxidant foods at our partner site, "Antioxidant Buzz" by click this link: Top Antioxidant Foods

As you progress in your diet, increase your vegetable protein intake (black beans, lentils, navy beans and soy among others) and reduce your meat protein. This is the optimal mix.

For carbohydrates, (which break down into sugar and with which our bodies gain energy), the veggies; quinoa, kidney beans, sweet potatoes and winter squash are the perfect sources. You will find the perfect balance for you. Just experiment and don’t lean too much in any direction. Also did I mention enjoy yourself in the Source Anti Aging Diet?

Really, it can’t be expressed too much here, enjoy yourself with this longevity diet!

Next up in the Source Anti Aging Diet is bread:

You can eat bread, rice and pasta!

Lots of diets avoid bread and rice altogether and cut us off from the quickest lunch supplies we need! This avoidance of carbohydrates from bread and rice is not healthy. As in almost anything it is the source of the carbohydrates that is important.

Whole grains are where it is at with bread. Not the 7 grain breads or honey wheat or any of those other breads that are not 100% Whole Grain Wheat. They even have 100% whole wheat hamburger buns if you look hard enough. If this part of the Longevity Diet gets overly bland, spice it up with different wheat breads (just don’t get anything white!).

With rice, brown rice is the only way to go. It might take a little bit longer (OK maybe a lot longer). But that extra time is because the many nutrients inside brown rice take a little bit more time to absorb water than the completely nutrient depleted white rice.

With pasta also focus on the 100% wheat pasta's. Personally I find them much more flavorful and rich. As well the best for you!

You can drink coffee!

This one I am very partial to because I love coffee! Coffee is more and more each day being found to have many antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. What you have to watch is the things you put in your coffee. Most flavored creamers have high processed sugar content that can cancel out the benefits. Just add a little milk/half and half and a little sugar (all-natural cane sugar is best as far as sugar), the best non-sugar substitute is Stevia Extract. It is completely to get all the benefits out of your cup o' Joe.

Things That You Will Need to Cut Back On And Avoid

I hope you have seen that this diet is not about restriction but having good fun with good food. That being said, there are some general guidelines for things to avoid.

Remember a diet that does not allow for occasional indulgence is destined to fail.

Notice the emphasis on the occasional can mean at most weekly, at average monthly, and at best yearly! Plan and keep track of your indulgences.

One suggestion is just to make a mark on a calendar to see how many are made in a month. If there are more checks than days it is not an indulgence, it is a diet!

So the list of things to avoid is pretty short but affects many foods out there.

Processed cheeses and meats.

There are so many additives and preservatives in both of these it is ridiculous! This includes Velveeta cheese which is very bad for you!

Large amounts of sugar.

Even sugar is useful in small amounts in our anti aging diet. If you can stick to all-natural non-chemically refined sugar even better and for the best use Stevia extract for all your needs.

Large amounts of sugar not only cause fat to build up in your body, but hurt your immune system (After eating them your immune system has been shown to drop in effectiveness as much as 50%!) . Sugar may give you a short burst of energy, but in the long run impairs your energy and breaks down the mitochondria in your body (Your body’s energy-producing cells).

Lobster, shark, and shrimp

These are all sea creatures that have high concentrations of pollutants (even antibiotics!) found in them at a regular basis.

These are the main culprits of age thievery in your life. Use your common sense for anything else or contact us with any questions on the Source Anti Aging Diet!

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