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The Anti Aging Source Interview with Anti Aging Doctor Kim Crawford MD

Kim Crawford MD PhotoAnti Aging Doctor Kim Crawford MD,FACPM has over 20 years of experience in the anti aging field being board certified in Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Anti Aging Medicine.

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The Anti Aging Source:

You come from quite the background, I love to see a doctor that is as into nutrition and Anti Aging Medicine as you are mostly because they are so rare. So what is it that led you from Internal Medicine to Nutrition, was it a gradual process or was there some event that got your attention?

Anti Aging Doctor Kim Crawford MD:I started out as a critical care Internist and I quickly saw that I was coming in at the “end of the game” and knew that I would be more effective with the prevention of illness. After that I found the obvious truth (though not so obvious to many in main stream medicine) that proper nutrition and supplementation is critical to health.

The Source-What is your personal philosophy on health and true wellness?

Anti Aging Doctor Kim Crawford MD- I feel that you have one body for this lifetime and it’s your job to keep it in the best possible condition. Most people take better care of their cars than they do of their own bodies. If you don’t have your health, then what else really is enjoyable? Did you know that 80% of diseases can be prevented with good health practices; even if they are hereditary?

The Source-Those questions you just asked are so true, it is amazing how much could be prevented! Now, we just have to ask, what is your daily routine to keep looking so fabulous? :-)

Doctor Kim-Well, thank you for the compliment. To keep my skin from aging I use the Nuskin galvanic spa for 10 minutes 3x a week, and I use their DNA-modulating Ageloc products twice daily to greatly slow down the aging of my skin. I was on national TV for over 10 years as a network medical reporter, so by necessity I have REALLY researched what is “best” for skin.

For my physical health (which I have found is irrevocably linked to my appearance) I eat 6 meals a day to keep my blood sugar stable; Fish, soy, and eggs are my protein sources, and I eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies. I also supplement with Lifepak Nano and other types of specialized supplements to boost immunity and preserve mitochondrial function. For exercise, I do an hour of some sort of non-impact cardio daily and include 10 minutes of stretching. I weight train 3x a week; one set to failure; so it takes me just 20 minutes a session. On the weekends I “play” meaning some sort of sports activity. I think playing keeps you young. I’m a “jock” so this can be anything from wind-surfing to skiing to rock-climbing to racquetball or just a nice long bike ride.

The Source-What makes you excited to be doing what you are doing, what gets you up every morning?

Doctor Kim-I love helping people look and feel younger and also love helping people become financially stable.

The Source-Let's talk a bit about what you do now, you work with WellMed Inc, in your own words what makes this company unique?

Doctor Kim-WellMed Inc is my own personal company which “networks” with other companies I deem “worthy”. Most of my work currently is with a F500 anti-aging company which makes incredible products and provides income generating opportunities for all. (You can read more about this on -ed)

The Source-You are also write a blog called Anti-Aging And Wellness Center, what is your number one tip for people that are just starting to implement anti aging practices into their lives?

Anti Aging Doctor Kim Crawford MD-My number one bit of advice is for everyone to take a look at their eating, supplementation and exercise regimens and to get this right…..first and foremost. I am assuming that no one is smoking!

The Source-Any other current news with your many ventures, that we can share with our readers that they might find particularly intriguing?

Doctor Kim-I recently agreed to be the Medical Director for a well-run Anti-Aging Center which gives patients the greatest care at the lowest price because it’s tele-medicine; the wave of the future. You get a physical from YOUR doctor and the professionals at this center (under my direction) discuss your nutritional and hormonal needs; and you GET what you NEED.

I’m doing this “gratis” by the way, as it’s a very good friend coordinating everything and it’s actually my way of “giving back”. People can feel free to contact me via my website, for a free consultation with one of their professionals.

The Source also recommends you read her Anti-Aging And Wellness Center blog.

Anti Aging Doctor Kim Crawford MD also finds time to be quite active on Twitter and Facebook (Be sure to drop her a line there and let her know the Anti Aging Source sent you :-).

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