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So Out of All The Anti Aging Doctors Out There, Which Anti Aging Doctor Do You Want To Grow Old With?

This is the perfect question to ask to get started because choosing out of all the Anti Aging Doctors available is not always an easy task.

Particularly because just like any doctor not every Anti Aging Doctor meets all the criteria of what a good doctor is. Some doctors are nice and caring and others couldn't care less.

We here at the Source have been privileged to meet and interview many doctors with anti aging as a specialty. Read their interviews at the bottom of the page after reading our guide below to finding the perfect doctor for you.

So who to choose? Here is a checklist you can print out and check off when you are interviewing, "The Doctor You Want to Grow Old With".

  • Be sure their values align with yours
  • If you are an all natural, vegetarian, who drives a Prius, don't go to the SUV driving, dispensing medicine like candy, meat-aholic. That was a bit silly and extreme I know but I did it to make a point. You want exactly what you want and you don't have to settle for anything less.

    If you are looking for mostly natural methods be sure they feel the same before you even visit their place of business. Even if they pass everything else on this list this will make it all not worth the hassle of the drive to meet them.

  • Make sure they listen to what you want and treat you with respect
  • Ever talk to someone who is constantly checking their watch to make sure they don't spend a minute more with you then necessary so they can get to the patient. Or the doctor who calls you in just to make you wait another 45 minutes? Or when you ask a question, have a concern, even a suggestion or a desire and you to be treated like you didn't even ask?

    This is not the kind of anti aging doctor you want!

    Anti Aging doctors are the ones that should care about you, your life and desires more then any other doctor out there!

    They are here to help you stick around and if they don't care enough to spend some time chatting with you about your grand kids, listen to your concerns about a treatment, or about the latest thing you heard about on Then who cares how many degrees they have?

  • Make sure they are over-all a friendly place to visit
  • If on the fifth time you have been there, they still don't know your name, or if you if the secretary who takes your name is always depressed, you should just feel more alive just walking into the place, life produces life, just like you don't get strawberries by going to the local dump.

    This is not saying the secretary can't have a bad day. But that there should be a energy about the place that just feels right.

  • Make sure they are well qualified
  • This is not just about how many pieces of paper they have on their wall. This is about the experiences they have, the stories they share and the passion with which they tell them.

    This is about the people they have touched and lives that were broken and dying that are now, full of life and ready to conquer the world!

    When you interview them, ask them to share these stories. If the hair on the back of your neck doesn't rise while they speak or you don't feel their passion.

    The one that does though is a real anti aging doctor!

  • Make sure they have a sense of humor
  • If you can't laugh with the doctor or have a quick little jab with the nurse and everyone is as straight as a board. Consider moving on. If everything else is lining up this isn't a strict rule but if you can't laugh at yourself a little, then what is the point?

  • Once you have found a good anti aging doctor, make sure you don't leave him or her!
  • Unless you are forced to move or some other tragedy happens stick with your choice. If you have followed this chart you have found someone who listens and is open to new ideas, works with you not against you and enjoys life. Why would you need to go somewhere else?

    Keep in touch with us and bring up what you learn from the with your doctor and grow very old but full of life with them!

    For an example of what the Anti Aging Source considers the best anti aging doctor read the interviews below, these are people that I know that have active practices right now that I would consider the best anti aging doctors!

    -Dr. Ronald Klatz A4M Founder

    -Dr. Sangeeta Pati MD, an anti aging doctor in Orlando, FL

    -Dr. Dave Woynarowski, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania

    -Dr Jennifer Landa, Hormone Specialist in Orlando, FL

    -Kim Crawford MD, has a practice in West Palm Beach, FL

    -Dr. Richard Isaacson An Expert On The Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

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