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Anti Aging Exercise, What Your Body Needs to Live Longer

Exercise is another of those dirty words that nobody likes to use. Anti Aging Exercise with us though doesn’t have to be one of those words! So don’t worry we are not going to be recommending that you run 5 miles at an incline with 20 pounds of resistance or spends 20 hours at the gym a week or anything crazy like that.

If you happen to be doing that (you might well be out there…) don’t stop! You can stop reading. But for the rest of us normal/average people let’s continue on…

So we here at have a list of simple anti aging exercise tips that build muscle and bone to help you live longer but before we do a quick little blurb on why we need exercise in the first place.

So Why Do We Need Anti Aging Exercise?

To live longer we need to exercise regularly but why?

For one main reason:

Our bodies are built to move!

It is just how things work.

For instance if you have a car and have had to store it for a long time, I hope someone let you know to make sure it is started and driven every week or two. Otherwise, seals in the engine get cracked, your tires start losing air and you start accumulating dust and mold inside among other things that go wrong.

It is the same with our bodies, if we don’t get out and move on a regular basis all our muscles start to atrophy (Even our heart) and our bones start to shrink, and the whole system is thrown out of whack and we start to rust. Ok maybe not quite that bad but you know what I mean!

In a recent study, out of two groups that ate the same diet but one exercised and the other didn’t, the one that exercised was twice as likely to live longer then the other group!

But this is not the only reason to keep up on our anti aging exercises.

And not only do we live longer, we are happier, less stressed, sleep better, and have a greater chance of being even more active in everything from vacations to hanging out with the grandkids and the great-grandkids! Which will make the Anti Aging Mindset that much easier!

So be sure to pay attention to the anti aging exercise we are going to discuss:

Anti Aging Exercise For Your Busy Life

So let’s get into the Anti Aging Exercises available to you and then we will talk about some other tips to make them even more fun:

1. Play Often

What do I mean by this? I am talking about making your exercise less a work out and more a game. Tennis is an amazing game that is low impact but great for your heart, muscles, and bones. Pick up an old game you used to play that really got your blood moving, any game from Basketball to Baseball or Soccer, or heck even La Crosse.

2. Do Yoga

Group of mature people doing yoga

Not only does this help your breathing, it helps your balance, focus, and flexibility. As you get advanced you will also start gaining lean muscle with the tough poses.

This is perfect even for you guys, we really need help on our flexibility. Because being flexible makes us much less open to injury, torn muscles, and hurt backs (This last one is a major source of pain through out our bodies and can be devastating)

3. Walk More

In Europe , they walk more due to a great public transportation system, among other reasons. They also have a lot less higher risk for stroke among other illnesses that has been linked simply to the fact that they walk on average so much more than us.

You can simply make it a habit to go on walks often through the prettiest park near you, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try to go walking at least every other day and you can add years to your life!

If you simply make it a habit to go on walks often through the prettiest park near you or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try and go walking at least every other day and you can add years to your life!

4. Become Stronger

Use resistance (1-2 pounds) when you walk. Or if you have a gym, use the resistance machines. Anything you can to build a little muscle (Not talking Arnold here). Building muscle, builds your bones as well, which can stop osteoporosis in its tracks.

5. Use Your Imagination

If you notice I am giving you ideas but still leave it, up to you to move. This program is about fun, so even here enjoy yourself! Being active is the key to the whole shebang. If you are out there and moving there is really no wrong way to do it! Just keep it varied, fun and regular!

Some More Random Anti Aging Exercise Tips:

-Join groups to exercise with that you can be challenged and held accountable to attend.

-Bring your best friend or pal that you haven’t seen in awhile or maybe even your significant other. You might even look forward to hanging out with them and forget the exercise altogether!

-Play music while you do it, with your music-playing instrument of choice!

-Change up what you are doing so you never get into a rut

-One way I and my wife have found to do these things ourselves has been to use a Nintendo Wii Fit of all things! Check them out if you end up spending a lot of time indoors!

-And most of all have fun!

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