Anti Aging Face Wash & Anti Aging Elixir, the ultimate dual system!

by Alexandra
(Rosedale, BC, Canada)

There are many natural anti-aging tips, but this is by far the very best one. This anti aging tip is a combination of a homemade anti aging face wash and a homemade anti aging elixir. Many people like to use anti-aging face creams, which is actually a bad idea – especially if you use a night cream!

When you rub a cream into your face, you clog your pores from absorbing oxygen – which is an important element in fighting wrinkles. From now on, wash your face with this homemade face wash and don't use anything afterward.

You will need to one egg white, about ¼ cup of fresh coffee grounds and ¼ cup of freshly brewed chamomile tea. Make sure the tea is pure chamomile with no additives! Mix the three ingredients together and slather onto your face, making sure to scrub your skin with the rough coffee grinds. The scrubbing action sloughs away old skin. After you're done scrubbing – rinse your face with cold water.

Finally, right before you go to sleep you must ingest the anti aging elixir. For this you will need to brew some green tea – decaf is acceptable – with a 1 inch slice of fresh aloe plant. Most stores sell aloe plants – buy one and keep it in your kitchen. Snip off a 1 inch piece any time you need it!

The green tea in combination with the aloe will cleanse your system while you sleep. Remember – cleansing your system regularly – will add years onto your life. Give it a try!

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