Anti Aging Home Based Regimen

by Rachel

Hi, I find home made recipes for skin safe and they are mild too.

My skin is combination so I have to pay extra attention to each area. I have experienced that moisturizing the skin is very important at an early age.

My mom never used anything on her face she is too skeptical to apply anything and I have seen her skin aging so much faster than my aunts. One thing that I've observed is to have a great skin naturally is to never cut down on fats completely. Lack of fat dries the skin causes it to form wrinkles and lines.

I usually make a paste of raw milk with honey or raw egg and use it twice a week, It really brightens my skin and work wonders. My anti aging home based regimen is, using a herbal moisturizer in the morning after bath, cleaning with a mild face milk and covering the entire face with moisturizer at night. Feeding the skin at night is very important. I have noticed when I skip the night dose of moisturizer I wake up with a dry, dull skin. So I always use either a herbal cream or a moisturizer at night.

A few tips my aunt gave me and that have worked wonders for me-

1. egg yolk, honey and raw milk paste twice a week.
2. gram flour and lemon paste once a week
3. Always keep the skin moisturized. For people who have dry skin they can use clotted cream at home and rinse with water.
4. Exercise is very important to be active and to retain the young look.
5. Do not cut down on fats completely

This has worked for me for all these years!

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