Anti Aging Kayakalpa with Ginger!!!

by Dr. Asha V
(Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India)

Have you heard about Kayakalpa?

It is an anti aging procedure adopted in Indian system of medicines such as siddha and ayurveda.

The meaning of the word indicates making the body as strong as stone. By doing this simple procedures we can maintain our body well.

Here is one simple procedure mentioned in that system.

Take fresh ginger and remove the mud and clean with fresh water.

Then remove the external skin of the ginger and cut it into small pieces. Then take a airtight container and put this ginger in that and pour pure honey in that.

Soak this in honey for one month. After one month eat 1gm of this soaked ginger and honey daily in morning in empty stomach. You can take this for your whole life. It won't cause any harm to your body. It will give freshness and it can remove wrinkles, gray hair, etc.

This is called Injitheenooral.

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