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Anti Aging Makeup, Can You Stop Your Skin From Aging With It?

Is there such thing as Anti Aging Makeup? Can what you wear on your face reduce the appearance of aging?

To put it mysteriously, yes and no. Let me explain.

It is yes, that what you can wear on your face can help your skin not age as much but as far as a makeup that will reverse the signs of aging as well as cover them up not so much.

Let's delve into this a little more shall we? Let us look a bit into the history of makeup and then we will discuss what is a good anti aging makeup for you.

History of Makeup

As long as human women have been on Earth they have been wanting to make themselves appear more beautiful and as far back as ancient Egypt there has been recorded use of makeup powder, eye lash extensions, and blush!

Back then before the modern era that we find our self now they used pure mineral makeup. Read made from ground up rocks and other various natural sources. This tradition has stuck with us of painting our face till today but over the last hundred years or so more and more fake and unnatural (maybe more colorful) parabens, dyes and fillers have begun to be used.

These have been shown to harm the skin. Some the fillers have been shown to clog pores and make a nasty cycle of acne leading to more acne.

They have also been shown to be skin irritants and many non-mineral makeup brands use Talc Powder which is a known carcinogen (Which means cancer causing though the odds of getting cancer from it may be small).

These irritants and such do not necessarily make your face any older but they don't make it any younger either!

Returning to our pure mineral makeup roots seems to be all the rage these days and in many ways it is a good thing. Through mineral makeup you can start wearing half the vitamins and minerals team.

But I caution you to not just jump on anything that calls itself mineral makeup. Which is what we will discuss in the next section.

Is Mineral Makeup An Anti Aging Makeup?

So does mineral makeup have the properties of a makeup that can turn back the clock?

Depends on the brand and the application of the makeup.

Just because something is natural doesn't mean it is good for you. It is important to remember that here. That being said we are making great strides each and every day finding those minerals that can help our skin.

And a few of the brands out there are combining mineral makeup with antioxidants (See Anti Aging Skin Care for more info on them.)

This has much promise for being a true anti aging makeup base.

Here is a tip for you, we have found one company that covers all the bases in this page that we are particularly impressed with and want to recommend. Feel free to check them out: Another tip be sure to combine your anti aging makeup with a good Anti Aging Moisturizer read all about how to find a good one for you by clicking the link!

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