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Finding the Anti Aging Moisturizer For You!

Anti aging moisturizer is a very solid investment in any anti aging skin care program. It can keep your skin looking years younger and is great for women and men alike!

But what is it and what does it do to keep us looking young? Finding this information about these products before we put any on our skin is a good first step.

What An Anti Aging Moisturizer Does

First a word on moisturizers. On a basic level moisturizers hold water in your skin, they don't put water in your skin. This is an important difference as we shall see as we go on.

Some of us were born with dry skin but especially as we age our skin gets dryer. Not that it stops getting moisture but that it stops being able to hold it in. This is where drinking water and a good moisturizer comes into play.

Drinking a good amount of water gives your body the extra moisture it needs and then the moisturizer keeps it where it can do the most good in your skin instead of being immediately evaporated.

Now we must draw a distinction between a normal moisturizer and an anti aging moisturizer.

Normal moisturizers only hold in moisture and keep your skin from growing chapped. Moisturizers that can erase the years, add extra ingredients in their moisturizer to keep the skin looking young.

These ingredients can include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants(For more info on these see anti aging diet ), sunscreen, pore cleaners, and exfoliates (Removes the dead skin cells faster).

So What Makes a Good Moisturizer?

A good age erasing moisturizer is one that is natural based. When you have a natural base you don't have to worry about if the moisturizer has any chemicals in it that can have long range complications.

So once you have a natural based product, make sure it is dye free and has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This way while you are eating your way to better skin by eating and drinking what is good for it (See Anti Aging Skin Care for how you can do this).

You can be adding in the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in on the outside while they are being used and applied on your skin from the inside.

This way they can meet in the middle that much faster!

I don't recommend using moisturizers with a sunscreen added into them because these two products have yet to be combined to create a true synergistic whole.

Get a good sunscreen and apply it with your moisturizer for the best results.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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