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An Introduction To ShariFitness

Anti Aging Nutritionist ShariFitness is an ISSA Fitness Professional, Fitness Nutritionist, Natural Health Advocate, blogger about Natural Health and Fitness, and Host of FitTalk on Blog Talk Radio. Anti Aging Nutritionist ShariFitness

ShariFitness is a real life transformation success story that has been featured in several fitness magazines. She was frustrated, frumpy and a perpetual “before” picture. No longer a perpetual “before” picture, Shari discovered her passion for health and fitness and set out on a mission to help others become more fit and healthy.

Shari walks the walk and talks the talk of the best anti aging nutritionist. Her positive attitude has motivated and inspired countless others who were frustrated with their efforts to lose weight and help coach them towards better health and fitness.

Interview with Anti Aging Nutritionist Sharifitness

[Anti Aging Source]You surely have dramatic before and after photos, what was the defining moment where you said "Enough!" and got on the road to where you are now?

Sheri After

[ShariFitness] I knew I was gaining weight but like most people was not really aware of just how overweight I was becoming. When I was at the heaviest I had ever been, I was at a party with all my friends, and naturally, pictures were being taken. When I later saw a picture of myself, I looked unrecognizable to myself. I knew I had gained weight, but I couldn’t believe how overweight I was in the process of becoming until I saw that picture.

It was then I knew I had to make some changes. If I continued doing what I was doing, I was going to continue down the same path.

[Anti Aging Source]What is the number one thing everyone should know about living an "anti aging lifestyle"?

[ShariFitness] Most people treat their bodies like a garbage dump instead of the temple it is. Take care of your body on the inside and it will show on the outside and it all starts with the foods you eat. Nourish your body with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, organic lean proteins (beef, chicken, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, etc.), healthy fats such as nuts, avocado, flax seed, olive oil, water, green tea.

[Anti Aging Source]One of your phrases you use as the anti aging nutritionist you are is "you are what you eat", please expand on this, how does how we eat dictate our lives? In what ways does it affect us on a day to day basis?

[ShariFitness] It’s not so much what we eat, but what our bodies do with the foods we eat. Keep in mind that when you eat something and it travels through your digestive system, it is being processed and absorbed by all the millions of cells in your body, it gets absorbed into your blood stream, gets filtered through your kidneys, liver, etc. The human body was not designed to ingest chemicals which is what so many of us are eating. This in turn affects your energy level, your health, your skin, your hair, allergies, digestive issues, your endocrine system (which affects your metabolism), adrenal system, hormones, liver, kidney, heart, lungs, brain and so on. Question the foods you eat. Where they came from and what’s in them. If you can’t read the ingredients, chances are you shouldn’t be eating it.

[Anti Aging Source]You are an anti aging nutritionist but not only that you are also a great fitness instructor, so in that vein, what are your favorite exercise routines and why?

[ShariFitness] I love strength training. To me, there’s nothing more empowering than the feel of iron in my hands and challenging myself with the weights. As I get older, I know how important building and maintaining lean muscle not only looks good (keeps the skin from getting saggy and wrinkly), but is also vital to my health. Strength training build bone density so I am protecting my bones from becoming weak and brittle as I age. Muscle is metabolic and burns body fat which will help to prevent the dreaded “middle age spread”. Strength training has a long list of health benefits.

[Anti Aging Source]Is there a particular set of exercises that you would recommend for those over 50 and looking to extend their life?

[ShariFitness] I will soon be celebrating my 47th birthday and several of my clients are approaching the age of 50 or are over the age of 50. If you don’t have any injuries, I highly recommend using free weights (dumbbells and or barbells) and perform the following exercises: squats, lunges, deadlifts, chest presses, rowing exercises, shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, stability ball crunches. (Start with the lighter weights and work your way up each time.)

For cardio, I would recommend that you walk on a treadmill on an incline at a moderate speed to where your heart rate is up, but you’re not out of breath and avoid holding on to the hand rail.

[Anti Aging Source]What is your personal daily regimen for staying trim and healthy?

[ShariFitness] First of all, you hit the nail on the head with the word “daily”. Every day, I feed my body nutrient-rich, real foods that contribute to my health. I eat small meals every 2 hours to keep my metabolism revving and my insulin levels steady. I hit the gym 11:00 a.m. Monday – Thursday and some Saturdays and workout for an hour. I also make sure I get 7 hours of quality sleep a night and keep my stress levels very low. That’s pretty much it. It’s all about being consistent with your exercise and nutrition.

[Anti Aging Source]What do you enjoy most about being an anti aging nutritionist?

[ShariFitness] I’m very passionate about what I do and love interacting with people and helping them. It’s very rewarding when you know you’ve really helped someone and made a difference in someone’s life.

[Anti Aging Source]Are there any other upcoming events or promotions that my readers might find useful or intriguing?

[ShariFitness] I will be doing several interviews on a variety of radio shows that you can listen to on line and of course, there is my book which will be coming out this year:

The book is going through final editing and I am also waiting to hear from my editor with some suggested titles.

The book is not only auto biographical and not only about me being an anti aging nutritionist, but also has a great 12 week workout program that will help and man or woman, young or old stop being a frustrated, frumpy “before” picture and become a perpetual “after” picture.

The book takes you on the journey of the person I was “before”. That frustrated, frumpy perpetual before picture. I let you know about all the mistakes I had been making (which most people make) due to this misinformation we are fed about health, fitness, nutrition and sports supplements and how I unlocked the combination towards perpetual health and fitness with the right amount of workouts, nutrition, (I don’t like to use the word diet) and sports supplements. I talk about how not only did my body transform, but how my life transformed as well and I became the anti aging nutritionist I became today.

Those who follow me on Social Media like Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter will get my articles, recommended products and services that will help them achieve their health and fitness goals, updates on my Fit Talk Show and be one of the first to find out when my book will be available.

The best way to find out about my upcoming interviews is to simply visit my site and subscribe to my newsletter which you can do from my website.

[Anti Aging Source] Well that was Anti Aging Nutritionist ShariFitness if you also have an area of expertise that you want to share feel free to contact us . We would be happy to interview you as well!

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