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The Premier Anti Aging Program, "The Source Longevity Plan"

Welcome to our introduction to our Anti Aging Program and the beginning of your journey towards a longer life! This can begin small with maybe just a few changes in your diet and not a full Anti Aging Program.

The purpose of this page though is to give you the overview of our full program, "The Source Longevity Plan". So you can see a glimpse of all the possibilities after that!

This is it in picture form (I will describe it afterward):

Longevity Diet

To give you more of picture check out this photo:

Iran Chogha Zanbil DSC_3877

See how the Ziggurat started from a foundation on the bottom and moved up? Look around the outside, this place was raised out of the middle of the desert, starting with just those tiny outer walls and then layer by layer to be strong enduring landmark like it is all these thousands of years later.

So this is what The Source Program is all about!

Building from a solid foundation to the point where we can defend ourselves!

Diet and Mindset

First about the anti aging diet/longevity diet . Don't worry it's not what you think! This is not what this diet plan is all about. This plan is about freedom.

First, freedom from the idea that food is our enemy.

Second, freedom from the idea that everything that tastes good is bad for us.

Third, freedom from the diet cycle and the ability to truly live.

Half of this block in our Anti Aging Program is mindset. So what do I mean by mindset?

Mindset is all about getting a right perspective. Not just on eating and diets but life in general.

Because to eat and live right, you must have proper ideas about eating and living in the first place!

Rene Descartes put it well when he wrote, "I think, therefore I am".

What we think, we do. This is the reason many an Anti Aging Program ends up failing.

Especially when a Doctor says we have to do it, outwardly we say we will and we give it a shot, but deep down we don't think it is best for us and end up not doing it in the long run.

So we start with getting the anti aging mindset and then go on to the Longevity Diet.

Knit into the fabric of this block is Anti Aging Exercise this is again not what you are expecting! This part of our system I have found the most fun! Be sure to check it out at your earliest convenience.


Next comes, as you can see by the Anti Aging Program graphic above, supplementation. So after a solid anti aging diet we will guide you on what supplements you need to take.

You might be thinking though, "Isn't a great longevity diet enough?"

Well yes and no, let me explain what I mean by that.

Diet and mindset changes alone can probably add several years to your life. So in that way, it is a yes.

There are several reasons, that are detailed in the supplement section but here is the main reason it might not be enough and why we don't recommend it alone:

It is a rough and unhealthy world out there.

Every moment of our lives we are subject to so many pollutants it boggles the mind.

From our cleaning supplies to our car's exhaust, our a/c ducts at work and even the plastic cups we drink out of. In all of them are pollutants (and we find new ones every day), that degrade and shorten our lives. The air we breathe even in the comfort of our home is full of dust particles and germs (going outside it is worse) and the sun is constantly bombarding us with x-rays.

So should we all just live in a bubble under a lead roof with filtered air?

Absolutely not!

But because of all these pollutants and even minuscule amounts of poisons. The best anti aging diet in the world is only a little bit above breaking even against these threats.

Quality supplementation of a longevity diet guarantees you are not only barely breaking even but exceeding the requirements and you can even begin reversing the damage that has been building in your body your whole life.

But there are a million Anti Aging Supplements out there and our Anti Aging Program will lead you through the process of a personalized plan just for you!

Anti Aging Skin Care and other Therapies

There are also many other anti aging skin care techniques and anti aging therapies out there. Most of which are optional and mostly cosmetic in nature. Because they mostly do not add years to your life, it is recommended you first two foundation stones of the Source Longevity Plan, before putting them into practice. Feel free to check them out though. There is no reason for you not to look as young as you will feel!

Doing all of these tips will create a solid foundation for a strong life, not unlike that Ziggrat in Iran!

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