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The Source Anti Aging Skin Care Guide

So welcome to the very tip of the “The Source Anti Aging Plan”, Anti Aging Skin Care and other therapies. If you are new here, has a plan that encompasses all the areas that you need to cover to start feeling better, living better and living longer! (See the picture to the right) We are now chatting about working on the outside appearance for those that want to work on that which ends up being almost everyone. If you are going to feel younger, you might as well look younger! (This is even for the guys, you know who you are).

First we will talk about what we can do inwardly and some simple tips to help our skin, then we will do a quick overview of the many skin care creams and moisturizers available on the market.

Anti Aging Skin Care, On The Inside?

If you have not yet read the other sections on anti aging mindset , anti aging diet , and anti aging supplements If you have not yet read the other sections on Anti Aging Mindset, Anti Aging Diet, or Anti Aging Supplements please do so as soon as you can. I don’t want you guys to miss out!

By laying down a good foundation of diet, mindset and supplements this next part of anti aging skin care actually comes very easy. In fact you are already doing a bunch of it!

The diet you eat and the supplements you take directly effect your skin and the appearance of aging!

This is what is called the holistic nature of man. What you eat and how you think directly influences what you look like and everything about you. This is detailed on our anti aging skin care regimen online workshop. I recommend you check it out!

For example on the other side of it, I went in for a job interview once and instead of the normal relieving myself in a cup, I got the simpler plastic instrument with a cotton swab that I had to stick in my mouth for a few minutes. Did you know you can tell if someone took drugs by taking a sample of hair? You can also tell by taking a sample of their spinal fluid!

I say this to show that what we put it into our bodies changes every part of us from the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes to your skin tone, firmness, and appearance of wrinkles.

The fruits and supplements the recommended in the anti aging diet, have antioxidants, all help the skin do something that it has been doing since you were born and that was healing itself. Remember how we talked about how it interlocked like shingles on a roof to protect your cells? Well that is what it does on your skin as well! Allowing it to heal and recuperate, grow firmer and reduce the wrinkles.

By using olive oil for everything, it helps your skin as well! All the little things I recommended add up.

Next thing to do on the inside I recommend for the inside is drinking water as much as you can (I won’t make any crazy recommendations like 8 cups a day or something; I know you won’t follow them anyway! I never do…). This hydrates the skin and again helps it clean and heal itself. Spring water or purified water by reverse osmosis is the best water to put this tip into practice. Our tap water has many impurities like fluoride and hard metals that could even harm your skin!

The next simple tip that you need to implement to have great skin and tone is to wear some form of sunscreen through out the day.

The sun is one of the number one destroyers of our skin and wrinkle causing agents. The best way to put this tip into action is to find yourself a good moisturizer with an SPF (Sun protection factor) of 15 or higher. Preferably with a vitamin and mineral with antioxidants blend as well so you get all the things that you are putting inside, soaking in from the outside at the same time. These tips can double how fast you start looking younger.

So these are the simple tips now for the slightly more involved tips and other skin care techniques out there (You guys will probably stop here but why not read on? Maybe you can learn something…):

Advanced Anti Aging Skin Care Creams and Techniques

Now we are going to be diving into the vast sea that is anti aging skin care. A world of creams, serums, electrolysis, sea weed, green tea and white tea facials, Botox, plastic surgery, just to name a few of the many therapies out there that promise to make us look young. If you have read the information previous on this site I take a pretty long view of the latest fad diet, supplement, cream or whatever. I want to see real proof and real experience.

So here is a list of the major anti aging skin care systems offered on the market:

-Facial/Body Masks -Vitamin and/or Mineral Based -Antioxidant based -Acid Based (Exfoliation)

-Creams/Potions -These have the three same bases as the above but are substances you rub into your face and let set for all day or night.




-Surgical procedures

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