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The Source Guide to Anti Aging Supplements and How to Find the Perfect Anti Aging Supplement Program for You

There are so many anti aging supplements out there, from herbal to vitamins, and beyond! So how can you tell what works and what doesn’t? Have you ever felt that looking for information has been like the picture to the right?

Well The Source is the place to come to clear it all up! I have done tons of research regarding both the claims and the critics, to give you here a balanced view as to what works and what doesn’t. Here you can also put together the perfect anti aging supplement program for you!

First I am going to define what an anti aging supplement is, because sometimes we can sometimes get them confused with anti aging skin care products:

“Anti aging supplements are anything extra over and above your diet that you swallow, eat or drink to either avoid aging diseases, feel younger and more energetic, or live longer.”

The goal of our program is to obtain all three: helping you feeling younger, bursting with energy and living a lot longer!

We will do this by taking a balanced view of supplements and then tempering it with a philosophy of supplementation, which we will go through first. Then we will go through the various anti aging supplements categories one by one, to make sense of them for you and give you an overview to all the claims. After that you will be ready to start deciding which supplementation is right for you.

The Source Anti Aging Supplement Philosophy

Here is our philosophy in a nutshell: “Anti aging supplements are essential to any Anti Aging Program but will have little or no effect without an underlying foundation of an anti aging diet , anti aging exercise , and anti aging mindset .”

(I strongly recommend if you haven’t gone through that information yet that you go through all four of them as soon as you are done reading here to get a fuller picture of what we are talking about click on the links above or on the sidebar to the left!)

Here is our philosophy in picture form:

See if you don’t have a foundation of a solid diet and mindset it all collapses!

But if you build right and start well, it can translate into many good, long and fruitful years for yourself and your loved ones.

And that is what “The Source Anti Aging Program” is all about!

Anti Aging Supplement Categories

So what kinds of supplements are out there? While there are literally thousands of varying anti aging supplements out there they all more or less fall into one of the following categories:

1. Resveratrol supplement
2. Antioxidants
3. Aging disease specific
4. Herbal remedies
5. Synthetic/natural hormones

So let’s go through and define what these are and why they are good for you:

Resveratrol supplement

This is the most promising base for an anti aging supplement that I have come across yet in my research. This has been extensively researched in over 1,500 research papers and has vast implications. It started with research into the "French Paradox". That is that French people on average live longer then the average American, despite a diet high in fat and high alcohol consumption. During the testing one of the components of Red Wine, called Resveratrol was tested and shown to extend life in yeast, fish, flies, and lab mice. The fact that it has had such an effect over so many different species is very promising.

Testing in Humans has also been positive but here is the kicker, it seems to need rather high concentration for it to have its fullest effects. For those who seek to live a longer life, seek this supplement in liquid form (not pills), and make sure it has the effectiveness of at least 3-5 grams of Resveratrol. So while Resveratrol might be part of the French Paradox, it is not the whole picture.

Resveratrol supplements of that effectiveness (3-5 grams) are out there. When I am done researching a good percentage of the supplements available I will let you know. (So stay tuned to my Anti Aging Blog and Anti Aging Magazine !)

But here is where it is safe to say that only combined with a great diet can even a great supplement like Resveratrol have full effect. (Especially if you can only find it in than 3 grams effectiveness)


These are something that science is just starting to get a grasp on in the last decade or so. It has always been known that your fruits and veggies was a good thing and one that led to a longer life but no one really knew why until the first group of antioxidant was isolated called Cartenoids (Named that for the fact that they were found in carrots), these antioxidants are found mostly in vegetables, plants and some algae. Shortly after discovering those they found the second class of antioxidants, Flavenoids which is found in fruits and some flowers.

Antioxidants interlock like shingles on a roof, one on top of each other to protect the cells in your body against chemical toxins and free radicals which mess with the cells in our body and cause us to age. (See our Anti Aging Diet to see foods that naturally have antioxidants)

Examples of antioxidants are carnosine, lutein, lycopene, beta carotene, vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), vitamin A, vitamin E and Selenium.

Supplementation of a variety of antioxidants is recommended in our anti aging program to fill any holes that can be lacking in diet. Because to get the recommended amount of antioxidants you would need to 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Even then you probably wouldn't get the full spectrum that you would need, we always tend favor certain foods so maybe you could be getting enough Cartenoids but miss out on some Flavenoids. Make sure your supplements are natural and food sourced if they are in anyway artificial they are not nearly as effective also get a supplement (or two combined) that provides the full range of both types of antioxidants.

On a side note, Acai Berry has been claimed to be a super antioxidant but studies have shown that Grapes, Blueberries and Black Cherries are even a better source of antioxidants all of the claims of losing weight, getting your sexual vitality back, and such are pretty much bunk.

Aging Disease Specific

These are specific supplements like Calcium to combat Osteoporosis or CoQ10 and Omega 3 fish oil to fight heart disease.

Instead of going through a lengthy list of the diseases and what can be used to fight them right now, go to Aging Diseases for the latest information on the diseases you are interested in finding out more about (and keep coming back there is more being added weekly!).

Herbal Remedies

This involves using herbs, spices, beans, among others to counteract the aging process. Examples include Curcumin, Black pepper, Stevia, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Soy and a multitude of others with much ancient wisdom and clinical studies as well behind them.

Adding Cinnamon and Soy into your diet was recommended in our Anti Aging Diet. As far as taking them as supplements, they have been proven to be effective mostly when taking them in good concentration with different herbs, etc represented. So they work in cooperation with each other. Taking them alone even in high concentration does not seem to have the desired effect.

For more info on herbal remedies go to:

Natural Remedies Review by Pharmacists
Unbiased reviews on natural remedies and herbal supplements by trusted clinical pharmacists. Get full details on health benefits, side effects and proper dose to use on many herbs.

Synthetic or Natural Hormones

This one supplement I can not in good conscience recommend at all. Hormone balance is something in the body that is super delicate and messing with them at all can throw the whole body out of whack.

Getting too much of one particular hormone or even multiple ones can lead to dire consequences. There is also the strong possibility your body will not absorb it at all, making it completely useless!

Either way not worth your time or money!

Get a good diet and good supplementation and your body will balance it's own hormones! It is one of the things that it can do quite well when given the right resources.

Bottom Line

Supplementation is good and even recommended but only on top of a good diet and mindset. Be sure to stay tuned as we dive ever deeper into all this variety of supplements!

Also be sure to contact us with any questions!

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