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”So what are Anti Aging Vitamins?” you ask. Well that is a great question! My answer is pretty simple and to the point, “All Vitamins are Anti Aging Vitamins.

Let me explain, you see all vitamins are in one way or other essential to life. If they were not essential to life they wouldn’t be a vitamin. The very definition of a vitamin is a substance that is essential to an organism’s existence.

This means that what could be a vitamin to humans is not necessarily a vitamin for dogs. A good example of this is Vitamin C. Which humans can’t make on our own but almost every other animal can.

Now you know why anti aging vitamins are important, we will now be discussing the following in the rest of this article:

  • What vitamins are, their sources and how they work
  • A list of all the vitamins with their anti aging properties
  • Recommendations on how much to take and when to get the full use of anti aging vitamins properties

Where Vitamins Come From and How They Work

Anti aging vitamins come from a variety of sources, they are specific chemicals found in plants, or animals which interact within our body to help it work. (With a few exceptions such as Vitamin D, which our body produces on it’s own in response to sunlight).

After these were isolated, man took to making them in pill form with some success and failure. We call these anti aging supplements and anti aging vitamins. The, recommends taking these on a regular basis.

Why then can’t we just eat lot’s of foods high in vitamins?

As was discussed in Anti Aging Supplements (See that page for more info on other forms of supplementation) and also here in anti aging vitamins, the environmental stresses of modern life coupled with problems with our food supply. It is good and recommended to get a great diet.

But supplementation and anti aging vitamins are recommended to fill the holes that are inevitably caused by no fault of our own in our diet and environment..

How do anti aging vitamins help me live longer?

Vitamins are what our body uses to get things done.

Without going into a lengthy chemistry lesson, let it suffice to say vitamins fill in the chains help our cells do what they do best, keep us alive!

They are integral parts of our cells, giving them energy, life, some help produce them and protecting them from the bad out there.

It is impossible to live without them and impossible to live longer without the best anti aging vitamins!

These are just some of the thousands of functions that vitamins play in our system.

With this being said what are the vitamins needed for life?

That would be our next section:

A List of the Vitamins Determined So Far

First a list of the anti aging vitamins and their specific anti aging properties (They have many more but we will just focus on anti aging):

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin A (Also known as Alpha- and Beta- Carotene also as Retinol) is responsible for 3 main important functions in our bodies:


    It is essential to preventing night blindness, among other common eye sight related diseases.


    Can help you keep that youthful glow!

    -Gene transcription

    Keep those genes replicating right and you can help prevent cancer, and slow the aging process. This is the most important of the anti aging properties of vitamin A.

    Things to note about Vitamin A:

    Vitamin A is one of those vitamins, that the source of the vitamin is absolutely important!

    Retinol forms of this vitamin (The most of which is found in Liver) and synthetic forms have many toxic effects linked to them when taken above the recommended limit. These toxic effects can be spontaneous breaking of bones, jaundice, and headaches, among others.

    This is only happens with high dosage taken for over 6 months. So liver and can be eaten, I just don’t recommend it any more then once a week to be safe.

    It is safer to take Vitamin A only through vegetables and fruits and supplementation that use those vegetables and fruits as the source.

  • Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12
  • I lump all of these B-vitamins because every single one of them builds on and works with each other. Taken separately and out of balance almost always ends in problems or lack of usefulness to the taker.

    So our recommendation is to take a b-complex vitamin with a lot of research behind it to be sure you are getting proper levels.B Vitamins are responsible for helping:


    Helping you lose weight and keep your energy up.

    -The Immune System

    Keeping you healthy and not sick!

    -Nervous system

    Actually helps stress and keeping you calm a key component of the Anti Aging Mindset!

    -Healthy Cell growth and division

    This is another vitamin that helps prevent cancer by causing healthy growth of cells and division without the errors that can cause cancer.

    Notes on B:

    When taken to help relieve stress, B vitamins can be taken in greater or lesser amounts depending on the stress of the day.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is important and not necessarily the reason you may think it is! Most of us take it believing it supports the immune system which it does but not primarily.

    But the important reason to take it is its antioxidant power.Vitamin C is responsible for:

    -Reducing the damage of our environment (Second hand smoke, pollution, etc.)

    Keeping you healthy and less stressed!

    -Supporting the heart

    Protects LDL Cholesterol (The Good Kind) from oxidant damage keeping the heart healthy and also reduces the stiffness of the arteries keeping the blood flowing freely.

    Notes on Vitamin C:

    Vitamin C cannot be stored by the human body for any real length of time. So taking a massive dose in the morning does not help all day (Probably just 1-2 hours!).

    The best advice here is to take a sustained release vitamin C which releases the C over a long time (8 hours or more). Take as many as you need depending on the environmental stress you may be under, there is no known toxicity in this vitamin.

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin because we produce it in our bodies by receiving sunlight, which might make you think that everyone would have enough, but that is not the case!

    According to recent studies, 80% of the US population is estimated to not be getting enough!

    This leaves supplementation a very necessary thing in that light (pun not intended :-) because of all that it affects (see below).

    Vitamin D is responsible for:

    -Calcium absorption

    This helps prevent osteoporosis (see symptoms of osteoporosis for more info).

    -Healthy Heart Function

    This comes from Vitamin D supporting lower blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol levels.

    -Cancer prevention

    Many studies have been done to show that proper levels of Vitamin D can reduce several different forms of cancer including breast cancer and colon cancer!

  • Vitamin E
  • This vitamin is an antioxidant vitamin like vitamin C, is found in extract in some seeds and particularly green leafy vegetables.

    Vitamin E is responsible for/or supports:

    -Heart health

    Keeps the old ticker, ticking!

    -Prostate health

    Also seems to have an effect on preventing prostate cancer.

    -Your Immune System

    If you haven’t noticed yet this is one of the themes that keeps coming up (more on this in the next section)

  • Vitamin K
  • Is the coagulant vitamin, being chiefly involved in thickening blood and getting in the way of modern medicine that many times wants to thin it. As such make sure if you are taking blood thinners to check with your doctor before you take anything with this vitamin.

    Vitamin K also has been shown to:

    -Help build bone mass when taken with Calcium, among others.

    -Support nerve cells

    By doing this it can help prevent nerve cell diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

So that is the list of anti aging vitamins. At least the ones we know about so far. There is constant research into these fields and new exciting information being found all the time!

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So we now know the anti aging vitamins properties, how much should we take and how?

Getting the Proper Dosage of Anti Aging Vitamins

This is tricky as the exact answer varies from person to person and from situation to situation. So without talking to you or hearing your needs it is tough to give specific advice (You can Contact the Anti Aging Source and I will get back with you!).

But if you want some general advice regarding vitamins that is good across the board here is:

Number 1, vitamins work together

If you noticed above there are many vitamins that supported the heart, the immune system, and prevented cancer, etc. They all do that but in different ways and different points in the process!

It is important on a daily basis, not to focus on one vitamin but to take a multivitamin that is broad spectrum and food based, taking a specific vitamin only when the situation calls for it.

Number 2, it is tough to take too many vitamins.

Taking large doses of vitamins (or any other supplement for that matter) is sometimes very effective and recommended (Save in the case of Vitamin A and synthetic forms of it read above in Vitamin A).

Particularly when dealing with a chronic condition that has lasted a long time. Like some of us with our house payments, our bodies get behind on the vitamin payments and need to take twice as much or more to catch up.

For instance, maybe your nervous system is out of whack and has been a long time. Taking your daily b-vitamin may have no effect because your body has other uses for it, then to just heal your nerves. But give it an over abundance and it will be able to divert it to where you need it the most!

Number 3, taking vitamins should not be occasional.

Vitamins are not a drug that you take when sick and forget in your drug cabinet when not sick.

Vitamins help with so much more then just sickness, they help your energy levels and reduce stress, they also help avoid sickness in the first place by boosting your immune system and keeping your body running at it’s optimum level.

Number 4, last and most important, search for quality in your vitamins

If there is one thing that must be stressed it is search for quality in your vitamins. Make sure they are natural and food based (avoid synthetics) and have been and are being constantly quality tested.

This separates the good from the bad vitamins. Any old drug such as an antihistamine or an acetaminophen will do the same thing despite purity. But not so with vitamins or any other natural supplement for that matter.

Nature needs purity and care to be effective. Make sure your supplements and vitamins have that stressed!

So in conclusion, hope you enjoyed this and learned from it. Check out anti aging minerals for some more information on a similar line.

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