Anti-Aging Exercise - What is Best?

by Evans
(United States)

Living Forever By Exercise?

Living Forever By Exercise?

Living Forever By Exercise? Anti Aging Exercise, How It Should Feel!

User Question:

Just wondering if there is a certain type of anti aging exercise that is best for anti-aging. Does walking top weight-lifting? Does Yoga beat Tai Chi? If you only had the option of one, which would it be?

The Anti Aging Source Answer:

To put it shortly, not really! Many studies have been done on this and for the most part the actual type of exercise seems to have little to no effect.

Some forms of exercise like extreme weightlifting and body building can of course be very hard on the body and shorten life spans but any healthy amount of anti aging exercise at least once a week (Ideally every other day) has been proven many times to help us live longer.

As far as my preference in the exercise area, I have tried Yoga but like Tai Chi (Due to a background in Martial Arts) and I love a good walk a million times over lifting weights (Why on earth would I lay down on a table and lift steel that close to my head for fun?).

I also like running and wake boarding. I don't like to be tied to any one exercise but try and vary it as much as possible.

Thanks for your questions!

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