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The Best Resveratrol Supplement For You

So you are looking for the best Resveratrol supplement. This may be harder then you think! When you look around you will find tons and tons of products that claim to be the greatest Resveratrol supplement ever. Literally hundreds are out there all screaming they are the most amazing thing since Resveratrol was discovered...

Searching for it can be very confusing really fast. So we put together this Anti Aging Source guide to find the finding the best Resveratrol for you.

This will detail the three things that you must have to have the best Resveratrol supplement for you (And not for the supplement companies pockets).

#1, The Best Resveratrol Supplement Has The Proper Concentration

Resveratrol has been clinically proven to reduce the 4 processes of aging (See Anti Aging Resveratrol for more info on those processes. But in the experiments have only shown real promise when the Resveratrol was at the potency level of 3-5 g.

This is actually pretty concentrated and automatically discounts about 90% of the Resveratrol supplements out there. It is not that it can't have any effect on your body but it won't start reducing the aging processes.

So be reading your labels and watch out for things like mg and other measurements that are not grams (g). That stands for milligrams and is about 1/1000 of what you really need to be to truly effective!

#2, You Want It To Be From The Right Source

It must be from one of two sources to be most effective and those are Red grapes and Pomegranate extract.

Red Grapes

Red grapes have the most Resveratrol underneath their skin of any of the other sources (It is what gives them the red color in the first place).

Almost all grape species are pretty much the same in this aspect because they need to be concentrated down to the point where they can be used potently in your body.

This is the The Anti Aging Sources choice for best ingredient in a Resveratrol supplement. Because it has been clinically proven to affect all four of the aging processes.

But the next is a close second:

Pomegranate Extract

This extract comes both from the skin and the seeds and once concentrated to the right level does most of what the grape extract can do but does has not been shown to affect the fourth aging process (AGE Protein build-up).

But Pomegranate extract has also been shown to be more effective battling certain forms of cancer and if you have a family history of cancer or are on currently dealing with cancer, this is the recommended source for you.

#3, The Best Resveratrol Supplement Is Not Pure Resveratrol

Resveratrol while great by itself is often better with other ingredients. Particularly trans-Resveratrol which is Resveratrol but in a different form which affects different spectrum's of the aging process. If it combined with this ingredient, it's effectiveness is greatly increased.

Make sure your Resveratrol supplement of choice has both of these ingredients in it so you are getting every area covered.

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