The Best Source Of Omega 3

Of All The Different Sources of Omega 3, Which Is The King?

On this website we have discussed many different sources of Omega 3, but what is the best source of Omega 3? This page is going to go through our options first when it comes to this source and we will go through the positives and the negatives, so that you can make an informed decision.

Fish Source Of Omega 3

-First is what usually comes to people’s mind first when it comes to Omega 3 the fish oil and that is surprise, surprise fish and fish oil.

Why would fish be the best source of Omega 3? Fish oil is a good source of Omega 3 because it contains DHA and EPA the longer stringed molecules of Omega 3 that are the most useful for the body. It is also widely available and the most easily digested through food intake because it is found in high concentrations in fish muscle.

So why would it not be the best source?

Fish a lot of the time is highly susceptible to pollution and contamination. Lead and other heavy metals, along with PCBs and even prescription drugs have been found in them.

The Plant Source Of Omega 3

-Next major source of omega 3 is among the plant kingdom.

So why would plants be the best source of Omega 3?

They could be the best because they are less susceptible to pollution unlike fish and other forms of sea life. They are also on the way to being more widely available through such products as flax seed oil supplements and the “Smart Balance” line of products. All of which mostly use the plant form of Omega 3 (ALA).

Why wouldn’t they be best?

They all have the short form of Omega 3 ALA which is not as effective at balancing the Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio. This is the main reason you would take Omega 3, because when this balance gets out of whack it causes inflammation and all kinds of trouble like heart disease and osteoporosis.

Other Sources of Omega 3

Other Forms Of Omega 3:

There a variety of other forms, like Krill Oil, Seal Oil, Eggs among a few others.

So why would these be the best form of Omega 3?

Well a few reasons, while mostly untested there could be a gem in here that I am missing (I know I don’t miss much but heck I am human!). While for the most part I have yet to find a real acceptable source in this batch, it could still happen.

So What Is The Best Source Of Omega 3?

Out of all the different sources of Omega 3, Anti Aging Source recommends fish oil. But not just any fish oil. A well-refined and concentrated form of fish oil that takes out all of the harmful toxins that can be present and concentrated enough that you only have to take a few a day to keep your body in balance, your mind sharp, and your eyes working.

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