Can dieting slow the aging process?

by Russell
(Huntsville, Al, USA)

Can dieting slow the aging process?

One study performed on rhesus monkeys suggests that restricting one's caloric intake for an extended period of time may promote dermal health.

In the experiment, the monkey on a high-fat diet eventually developed flabby, wrinkly skin and sunken eyes. The monkey on a low-calorie diet however barely aged at all. His skin remained taut and clear.

Although no official tests on humans have been conducted, this study does suggest that restricting your diet to low-calorie foods for an extended period of time can retard the aging process!

-Ed Note. I have also read this study and it shows much promise. There are already many "caloritic restriction" societies out there. Simply put it means eating anything you want but as long your calories in is less then your calories out it is all good.

This is one of the amazing things about resveratrol though, it has been shown to mimic the effects of "caloritic restriction" without the actual dieting! Check it out at Resveratrol Anti Aging Supplement.

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