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About Celeste Hilling CEO Of Skin Authority

Celeste Hilling CEO Of Skin Authority

Celeste Hilling has more than 25 years of experience successfully developing and executing strategic business plans for consumer technology companies, Celeste Hilling is also the CEO of Skin Authority, the leading skin care lifestyle company.

Skin Authority is one of the fastest growing skin care lines in North America. Fashionistas, celebrities, media and consumers alike love the products and Skin Authority’s unique, one-on-one approach to customer service. In fact, Skin Authority was recently named one of the top three high-end skin care lines by the uber-popular site (75-million monthly unique visitors worldwide).

With a deliberate thought-process, Hilling leads Skin Authority’s growth in an exclusive manner in order to establish the company as a premier brand. Through partnering with reputable brands including Ritz-Carlton, Golden Door, Kohler, Marriott, etc. Skin Authority hand-selects leading companies that are respected for their outstanding approaches to customer service.

Utilizing a rare combination of business leadership, technical knowledge, and expertise in consumer branding, Hilling has carefully shaped a new business model for skin care. Skin Authority’s model harnesses the power of professional recommendations and human touch delivered through partnerships with leading resorts and spas, combined with personalized in-home customer service delivered directly by Skin Authority’s licensed customer care staff.

As Skin Authority’s spokesperson, Hilling is firmly establishing the company as THE Skin Authority. Hilling is a resource for leading media outlets including MSNBC, FOX News, The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily,,, Forbes and BusinessWeek. In June 2010, Skin Authority was profiled in an extensive piece that aired nationally on MSNBC. The “Your Business” Segment recognized Skin Authority as a leader in personalized customer service. Of course, the products also receive raves, with the GO! line of kits and SGF-4 family of products quickly becoming media darlings upon their launches.Prior to launching Skin Authority, Hilling developed two companies that were acquired by the leading publicly-held company in its industry segment. In both instances, Hilling emerged as a strategic officer of the publicly held entities: Steiner Leisure Ltd., as President/CEO of the Day Spa Group; and Compaq Computer Corp. as President, Consumer Software Business Unit and Vice President, Consumer Division. Prior to her experience at Compaq Computer, Hilling also held executive level positions at Wyse Technologies and Xerox Corporation.

Based in San Diego, Hilling’s leadership tenure includes: Development Chair on the Board of the New Children’s Museum of San Diego; Past Co-Chair and Honorary Member of the Advisory Board of Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, Calif.; a founding Board member of DOCS (Doctors Offering Charitable Services); and past member of the Boards of the International SPA Association and ISPA Foundation. Hilling is also the inaugural recipient of the 2009 “Spirit of Giving” Award from the Beach & Country Guild as well as a previous recipient of the San Diego “Women Who Mean Business” award.

Our Chat With Celeste Hilling

[Anti Aging Source] I love asking about where people come from because there is always a great story. So how did you begin? What has motivated you to reach such great heights as you have?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “I’m the oldest in a family of 12 from Austin, TX. I have degrees from Louisiana State Univ. and the Univ. of Texas. My career began in high-tech, where I became one of the few Fortune 50 female leaders. During my time in high-tech, I was working on a consumer survey where I had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of busy women. What I heard over and over again was how they were crazy busy, had little to no time for themselves and did not like what they saw when they looked into the mirror. Those conversations led me to knowing that I had to do something to make a difference in their lives. I turned my passions to skin care and opened a chain of day spas. With the day spas, I was laying the foundation for Skin Authority by talking with customers about their skin care needs. We eventually sold the day spas and took away valuable customer service lessons from that environment. Along with co-founders, Ted Hilling and Maurice Voce, we started Skin Authority in 2003 out of our hometown of San Diego.”

[Anti Aging Source] You definitely have some business chops (After starting so many companies successfully), any advice for new entrepreneurs out there?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “Absolutely…1. Be truly sensitive to continuous improvement. Thrive on feedback. Ask tough questions and respond quickly when told about challenges or areas for improvement2. Make it measureable. At Skin Authority, if we can’t measure it, we no longer do it. When you know the desired outcome before you step into a project, you make better choices3. Engage employees. If your team is not engaged, no one else will be4. Look for the right partnerships. Don’t work in a vacuum

[Anti Aging Source] What seems to on everyone's mind these days that relates to anti -aging skin care?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “People want tools and education for looking and feeling their best at any age. They expect amazing customer service experts to guide them through their skin care options. People need and deserve a personal touch, which explains Skin Authority’s growth. Our unique 360-degree customer service experience uses integrated technology to make skin care coaching available to consumers wherever they are and however they prefer to be reached. We are making great skin care accessible to everyone!”

[Anti Aging Source] With all that you do, is there anything you find the most rewarding and why?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “I find it most rewarding watching the people Skin Authority touches - our employees, our customers, their children - succeed and thrive because of our connection. It is an amazing sense of satisfaction to be able to be in a business where caring personally about people is a core value and our greatest asset.”

[Anti Aging Source] Where do you see anti-aging skin care in 10 years?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “More multi-purpose products (two-in-one, three-in-one); an enhanced relationship between science, technology and skin care; and increased natural alternatives to anti-aging that give quick, visible lifts without needles, downtime or going under the knife.”

[Anti Aging Source] What is the difference between your products and all the others out there?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “Skin Authority is the first and only skin care company that truly knows the name and needs of each customer and has an ongoing conversation with them. In addition to our effective products, which contain the highest concentrations and lowest pH levels you can find without a prescription, Skin Authority is totally unique in that we include a free skin care coach with every purchase. This coach sets-up an ongoing home routine that keeps the results going, so the skin care routine never plateaus.

Additionally, Skin Authority’s products are only available direct from the company on and through our network of more than 200 leading spa partners. This controlled distribution ensures that Skin Authority and our spa partners offer the highest level of customer service in the skin care marketplace.”

[Anti Aging Source] Do you have a daily routine to keep so gorgeous?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “I exercise, drink lots of water, try to avoid processed food, always wear sunscreen and keep plenty of Skin Authority with me at all times!”

[Anti Aging Source] Any new projects or developments coming out soon you can let my readers know about?

Celeste Hilling, CEO, Skin Authority - “There are so many exciting things going on at Skin Authority. We are launching the GO Man Kit soon, as the first product in our complete Age Defying Skin Care series for men. We just introduced GO! Teen to create pixel-perfect skin for teens and tweens. Two new moisturizers are on tap for the spring – Ultra Rich Moisturizer and Moisturizing Mist. Skin Authority products and treatments are now in Canada at the new Ritz-Carlton Toronto and I predict more growth in that market. We are also researching hand-selected retail partnerships in North America.”

You can also find Skin Authority on Twitter and Facebook.

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