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Dr Barry Sears Interview With The Anti Aging Source

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Dr Barry Sears is a leading authority on the impact of the diet on hormonal response, genetic expression, and inflammation. A former research scientist at the Boston University School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Sears has his research efforts over the past 30 years to the study of lipids. He has published more than 30 scientific articles and holds 13 U.S. patents in the areas of intravenous drug delivery systems and hormonal regulation for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. He has also written 13 books, including the New York Times #1 best-seller "The Zone: A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently". These books have sold more than 5 million copies in the U.S. and have been translated into 22 different languages.

The Interview:

[Anti Aging Source] Welcome, Dr Barry Sears, I always like to start off first by talking a little bit about your past. One thing I have found in all of my interviews so far, is that so many really successful people such as yourself, usually have a very real and personal reason for what you espouse. I myself lost a good friend due primarily to poor diet. What is it that first influenced you to look into nutrition and diet as the answer to health?

Dr Barry Sears - The death of my father who died his early 50s from heart disease (actually his third heart attack as his first was at age 39) was the starting factor. He died an early cardiovascular death and yet he was a world class athlete in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Since his all his brothers as well as my grandfather died in their early 50s from heart disease, I realized I carried the same genes that would predispose me to an early cardiovascular death. My interest in nutrition was to avoid that fate.

[Anti Aging Source] You have such an extensive history in the medical field particularly regarding lipids. What was it that first peaked your interest to research them?

Dr Barry Sears -Because they were so difficult to study, no one wanted to specialize in that area of research. I personally found them fascinating because of that reason. Little did I realize their study would occupy the rest of my research career.

[Anti Aging Source] You have a philosophy that is very complimentary to ours regarding cellular inflammation. Can you explain that a bit for our readers, what is cellular inflammation? And how does what you eat cause it?

Dr Barry Sears -It’s inflammation that keeps us alive in a hostile world occupied by microbes. Inflammation also allows our injuries to heal. So you need enough of an inflammatory response to live. However, too much or a constant inflammatory response begins to attack our organs accelerating to chronic disease. There are two types of inflammation. The is classical inflammation that comes from our battles with microbes and healing of our injuries. This type of inflammation hurts. The second type of inflammation is cellular inflammation that is below the perception of pain so you do nothing to stop it. Thus it continues for years, if not decades, until there is enough organ damage we call it chronic disease. This type of inflammation is not caused by microbial attack or injuries, but is caused by the diet.

[Anti Aging Source] What is the Zone Diet and how does it work?

Dr Barry Sears - The Zone Diet was developed to reduce cellular inflammation. It does it by keeping the hormones that control inflammation in a zone that is not too high, but not too low. If you are successful then you have cut the Gordian Knot that causes chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and neurological disorders. The key is following the Zone diet for a lifetime.

[Anti Aging Source] What is your daily routine to keep young and spry? Does it involve exercise as well besides, what supplements and diet?

Dr Barry Sears - First and foremost, I follow the Zone Diet considering my genetic predisposition for early heart disease. An integral part of the Zone diet is the use of fish oil to further reduce cellular inflammation. I try to do 40 minutes of exercise 6 days a week. This will consist of 20 minutes of interval training each day coupled with weight training three days a week and the other three days doing stretching. Each of these are done for 20 minutes giving 40 minutes of total time. Finally I spend 20 minutes a day doing meditation to help train the mind to build awareness that for every thing you do (or don’t do) there will be hormonal consequence.

[Anti Aging Source] You also have a best selling book, Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad among many others What does Toxic Fat in particular cover and what can a person who reads it, expect to be able to with the information that you give?

Dr Barry Sears - Toxic Fat is a radical new look at our obesity epidemic. In essence, if you are fat, it may not be your fault. It is how our diet is rapidly changing the expression of our genes. In those who are genetically predisposed to gain weight, those genes are being turned by subtle changes in the diet. The book also demonstrates how those genes can be silenced by the Zone diet and high-dose fish oil.

[Anti Aging Source] What types of ingredients do you use in all your products and supplements and how are they different from other brands?

Dr Barry Sears -I make the effort to ensure the products my company produces are the leaders. For instance our fish oil products are have the highest purity available with or without a prescription. Likewise our new Zone Food products are patented because of their uniqueness. There is extra effort to maintain that leadership position, but that is my personal guarantee to our customers to maintain the leadership of anti-inflammatory nutrition.

[Anti Aging Source] What are some unique features of your programs as well, how are they different say from the Atkins diet?

Dr Barry Sears -The Zone dietary programs are based on clinical validation. As President Regan said, “Trust, but always verify.” I don’t expect people simply to trust me, but they should believe clinical validation of the Zone diet. That is what the clinical evidence has demonstrated in the past 10 years is the superiority of Zone diet to all other diets especially in the reduction of cellular inflammation. The essence of the Zone diet is balance and moderation. All macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) have to be balanced and used in moderation. Any dietary program that uses the words “high or low” to describe itself is hormonally unsustainable. Because the Zone diet uses the word moderate to describe its macronutrient balance, it is sustainable for a lifetime. That is what the root of diet means, a “way of life”. The Zone diet is way of life for controlling cellular inflammation for a lifetime.

[Anti Aging Source] Are there any new products/services or events that are coming out this year that my readers would want to check out?

Dr Barry Sears -The most exciting new service is our Zone Coaching program. Every customer who has ordered products in the past as well as those new customers ordering products in the future will be assigned their own Zone Coach to work with them to develop a personalized program to reach their particular health and wellness goals. The Zone Coach is not there to sell products, but to be a nutritional concierge for that customer by providing the information needed to make informed choices. We have also developed a finger stick blood test for physicians to allow them to rapidly and inexpensively test for levels of cellular inflammation in the patients to verify that the Zone diet is indeed reducing cellular inflammation. Finally on the product side we will be introducing shelf stable Zone meals using our patented Zone Foods to make it easy to follow the Zone diet for the times you can’t make a great Zone meal at home.

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