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Dr Dave Woynarowski, Anti Aging Doctor On Supplements And Telomeres

Dr Dave Woynarowski

Dr Dave Woynarowski is trained and board certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging medicine. He spent his first 18 years in typical allopathic practice prescribing drugs and following the typical guidelines of traditional medicine to a tee. Then he realized that while well intentioned his training and the medical system in general was too paternal and inherently flawed in its quest to fix specific problems using the only tool allowed: prescription drugs.

He realized an entire world of self empowered medicine using lifestyle nutrition and supplements was being overlooked and underutilized. So in 2002 he formed Dr Dave’s Best and began creating his own supplement line to improve human performance health and longevity. He is one of main reasons fish oil is the most popular supplement on the planet today and his writings and teachings have been used by others to spread the word about Omega 3’s. The frequency with which Dr Dave found parts of his writings being used with no acknowledgment of the source led to his company motto "Others will copy but none compare!"

His journey ultimately led to his collaboration with 2 other anti-aging experts Greta Blackburn and Michael Fossel MD and culminated in the writing of The Immortality Edge the only book to utilize the emerging science of telomere biology to extend health span and ultimately life span. Dr Dave has been the “go to” guy for advice on how people can use supplements and lifestyle modifications to reap the rewards of this new science and is one of the few licensed distributors of the only safe telomerase activator on the planet safe TA-65.

Dr. Dave Woynarowski Interview:

[Anti Aging Source] You have quite a story, which I feel my readers will really relate to. In your own words, what happened that started you on your path to being a “radical” anti aging doctor?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - After a decade of typical allopathic Internal Medicine, I started with “traditional” anti-aging training in the late 1990’s after I saw my father aging before my very eyes in spite of being a doctor himself. He fell victim to the traditional diseases of aging even though he “knew everything” about medicine. I recognized his need for hormone replacement but it was considered “non traditional” and he was pretty much frightened by the radical concepts. He passed in 2000 with a combination of “disease” that I now consider symptoms of a larger disease called aging. They were radical concepts at the time but I am certain they would have extended his life and health span. So I became a “radical”!

[Anti Aging Source] What were the different ideas that you investigated when searching the best that anti aging medicine had to offer? When all was said and done, what have you proven to be the best of the best?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - To start out I became well versed in bioidentical hormone replacement for both men and women. In the early days of anti-aging medicine that was pretty much the main agenda. But I rapidly branched out and became fascinated with natural supplementation to augment health and longevity. I developed a special interest in Omega 3 fish oil and have studied it intensively for the past 12 years. Ironically my dad who was an MD brought fish oil home for us to take in the mid 1970’s so he may have been the reason I was so interested in this supplement. I began to use fish oil and turmeric as well as other herbals to help boost good cholesterol in my patients and lower their risk of heart disease. This was especially valuable in people who could not or would not take statin drugs to lower their cholesterol. Then I developed a COQ10 compound called Regenerizer which not only helped my folks on cholesterol meds but my athletes as well. This was in 2003 and so I began to see the applications for other areas of human health and particularly improving performance in healthy people. Next came the fat loss supplements to make up for the huge failures by Big Pharma at providing safe and effective weight loss products.

Because of my position at the forefront of anti-aging I wound up meeting my co-authors Greta and Mike through Bill Andrews the man who discovered the human telomerase gene. As an anti-aging doc I was in heaven. I now had access to the best minds in the field and learned everything I could from many, many experts and eventually became a “telomere expert” myself as a result of absorbing the knowledge from all these brilliant people. This made me the perfect person to help with the writing of The Immortality Edge.

As far as the “best” anti-aging technology I would have to say it’s TA-65. It’s safe it is the only compound that lengthens the telomeres and has been proven in humans and it has changed the face of the future for mankind since it clearly slows down at least some aspects of the aging process especially in the immune system. Next I would put fish oil- hands down the most researched and most effective supplement. Then appropriate Vitamin D replacement hormone replacement and a whole host of other supplements including the antioxidants and green tea in that order!

[Anti Aging Source] I have always wondered this, how does one go about formulating your own supplements? How much research went into getting yours just right?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - The first step is to decide what your goals are with the supplement. Is it a performance enhancer is it a basic health and longevity supplement- is it for weight loss etc. Then hopefully you have a strong background in human physiology (I have a separate Masters Degree in that!) pharmacology and biochemistry (the undergrad bio degree and the MD cover that). That allows you to understand the compounds you are dealing with on a very “human” level, then you research the literature to see what is out there and what has been done in animals human cell lines and if you and human studies. That alone will get you to “unique” status in the world of supplementation since most people aren’t making their supplements this way. Next I look for combinations of things that will boost the efficacy of the supplement to do what I want it to do and to give the person taking it real results. I rarely try to make a single supplement since I think it is far less likely to be useful in the body. That is why people who get on my stuff stay on it! Next you need is a clinical practice willing to let you “test your ideas”! I had and still have people ready and willing to be my beta testers. That said when I start with a supplement I take it myself for at least 3 months and I push the doses way higher than what I am going to sell to make sure they are safe and there is a large margin for error. People do strange things you know!

Once it’s been through the testing phase and I have tweaked it to work as well as possible with the input of my compounding pharmacists and formulators I then bring it to market. The entire process often takes at least 6 months. In terms of research hours it’s an ongoing thing. I spend the bulk of my days looking for new info both on new possible products and those already out there. It’s fascinating because when you hit the research right you find your product growing in value years later when new research comes out. For instance who knew that fish oil was good for you telomeres back in 2000! Rhodiola Curcumin, tocotrienols and berry derived anthocyanins were all products I introduced way before they were common and we find new properties about these compounds every week. My customers appreciate knowing they are getting something that is going to be way ahead of the curve and they get to use it first.

[Anti Aging Source] You also have a book that is out that I am excited to talk about, The Immortality Edge: Realize the Secrets of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life That is based around the idea that life can be extended by extending our “Telomeres”. For those who don’t know what are these Telomeres?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - Telomeres are the life time clocks of your cells. Structurally they are found at the ends of your DNA strands. They tell you how much cell life you have used up and how much you have left. A cell has to be able to reproduce to repair damage and keep up with the “slings and arrows” of everyday life. Each time the cell reproduces some of its telomere is not reproduced so it shortens. Eventually that telomere becomes so short the cell can no longer make more copies of itself and it dies. Many things can also accelerate the shortening of the telomere including lack of exercise poor diet, stress, lack of sleep and some environmental factors. So the telomere is constantly under assault both from “aging” and the decisions we make about our lifestyle. Thus we can slow down the loss or speed it up. Now with TA-65 we can actually add length. Anything that slows down loss, adds length or improves the health of our telomeres will correlate directly with our maximum possible life span but more importantly how healthy we stay during that time. Telomeres are truly the first important key to longer and healthier lives.

[Anti Aging Source] As I am sure all my readers are wondering, how can your Dr. Dave's Best products lengthen our Telomeres?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - I have some very specific things for them but they will need to sign up for my newsletter or follow my blog on my site, Dr Dave’s Best. to get that specific info! There is just too much to even start to go into it here. I also have a Facebook page for drdavesbest and we have an Immortality Edge Facebook page and a website of the same name due any moment now.

[Anti Aging Source] If we could stop Telomeres from shortening, is it possible for humans to literally live forever?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - The only truly immortal cell lines in our body, germ cells and the most undifferentiated stem cells are immortal because telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens telomeres and the same enzyme that TA-65 turns on, allows them to maintain healthy telomere length in spite of duplicating themselves. So in theory this is very possible but there are a lot of details we need to work out. We do know this much though, long telomeres are good for your health and longevity so it’s best to start as soon as you can to add length or at least slow down telomere loss. We also know that a small group of people have an overactive telomerase and they live longer than most, often exceeding 100. The problems is we probably need to start telomerase therapy every early in life something no one is doing, to “catch up” to the losses. If you are 60 or 70 telomerase therapy is going to help you immensely but to make up for the damage you’ve done in those years just by aging you’ll probably need both telomerase therapy and stem cells.

[Anti Aging Source] If possible, how far away would that be from today?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - “Forever” is about 20 years away barring major catastrophe or huge resistance to the concept. Remember we are not trying or even able to remove all causes of death, just old age so it’s not like people can’t still get hit by a bus! That said if we could divert the cost of 1 week of the war in Afghanistan towards the best anti-aging research we have we could extend life to 150 and beyond with great health in 10 years or less. This will be a private initiative not a government one though as is obvious from our current health care policies. TA-65 will be remembered to longevity medicine like the early airplanes are to flight-the first important steps. The good news is those steps are here right now ready for those who want to begin that journey.

[Anti Aging Source] You actually run marathons in your spare time, what is your personal regimen to stay so fit and in shape?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - I eat a “modern” Paleolithic Diet 80% of the time and 100% of the time for the last 6 weeks before a big race. I run and cross train 5 out of 7 days a week. That includes interval training, weight lifting and lots of functional training. I consult and visit the best people out there for advice and that is unending. I am in NYC at Sports Lab NYC working with their doctors and trainers to stay healthy and fit. I do Body Logic and body work with Braila of and several times a year you can find me with Juan Carlos Santana at his Institute of Human Performance. JC is truly the best functional trainer out there. So it’s a constant learning and evolution for me. That gets passed on to my readers in my newsletters and my fitness products.

[Anti Aging Source] Is there anything else going on at Dr. Dave’s Best, that my readers might feel is important or any great news coming out soon you can share with us?

Dr Dave Woynarowski - Well that is a surprise! I am always working on something and the next couple of months will see the release of several new products based on what I know about telomere science fitness and nutrition but you have to visit the site, sign up and read those newsletters because there is so much going on at once! I will mention that I now have a working relationship with David Wolf the raw food and Vegan guru who is an amazing teacher in the field. David has consistently sought out the best and brightest in the areas of longevity so I am honored to be working with him and you can expect our collaboration to generate a lot of new educational items and products to help people be the best they can be- living longer and healthier lives in the process. In addition the Sports Lab people have asked me to help develop the line of supplements they sell directly to their world class clientele so there are going to be some big names in sports depending on me for the best, Dr Dave’s Best that is!

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