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Dr Ronald Klatz, who coined the term "anti-aging medicine," is recognized as a leading authority in the new clinical science of anti-aging medicine. Since 1981, Dr. Klatz has been integral in the pioneering exploration of new therapies for the treatment and prevention of age-related degenerative diseases. He is the physician founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine also know as A4M( In his capacity as A4M President, Dr. Klatz oversees AMA/ACCME-approved continuing medical education programs for more than 100,000 physicians, health practitioners, and scientists from over 105 countries worldwide.

As a world recognized authority on preventive medicine and advanced biotechnologies, Dr. Klatz is an innovator of new medical treatments, technologies, and therapeutics focused on forestalling the diseases of aging. Dr. Klatz is the inventor, developer, or administrator of 100-plus scientific patents. Held in high regard for his continuing medical education lectures on the demographics of aging and the impact of biomedical technologies on longevity, Dr. Klatz has published scientific articles appearing in Resident and Staff Physician, British Journal of Sports Medicine, Medical Times/The Journal of Family Medicine, Osteopathic Annals, and American Medical Association News (partial list).

Listen to the interview below (With A Transcript Below):

Interview Transcription

[Anti Aging Source] This is Cliff with anti-aging source and we are here with Dr. Ronald Klatz. First off Dr. Klatz, I always find the personal stories off all those that I interview to be absolutely fascinating and like everybody that I’ve talked to has always had amazing stories as far as how they got into it. What is it that first inspired you to start in the field of anti-aging medicine?

Dr Ronald Klatz -That’s a good question. When I was in medical school, I was very interested in technology and the future of healthcare and I was always interested in new breakthroughs and always interested in where things were going and ultimately you know really since the time of the Egyptians and probably before, medicine has been interested in longevity and medicine has been interested in the elimination of the degenerative processes that lead to chronic disease and ultimately to death and so that was the early formation of what became the anti-aging medicine movement.

In 1992 I founded the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, which grew from 12 doctors to a worldwide medical society with 26000 physicians and scientists and 110 countries around the world and our claim to fame, where we are unique, because we are the first medical society to publically state that aging is not inevitable and there are in fact interventions that can be taken to slow and perhaps stop some if not all the chronic degenerative processes that we all aging that lead ultimately to death. We live in amazing times and everyday’s another breakthrough. If the government would get out of the way and let the science do its thing we would live in even more miraculous times.

[Anti Aging Source] Absolutely. So for my readers and for my listeners, as well, can you please define the term, “anti-aging medicine”?

Dr Ronald Klatz -Well, anti-aging medicine, I’m in a good position to define it because I’m the guy that came up with the term. So when I coined anti-aging medicine back at the time of the founding of the academy in the early 1990s, the definition was, and still is: anything that has to do with the early detection, prevention, treatment and or reversal of aging related disorders and disease. It’s a pretty broad umbrella when you think about it because sports medicine is anti-aging because it slows down the degenerative process of aging and mammograms are anti-aging because they detect cancer early enough to save someone’s life. Vitamins are anti-aging because they help to maintain a proper metabolism and proper nutrition. So it’s a very broad umbrella but that’s what you really need to have in order to practice medicine in a very comprehensive and holistic way and really make an impact on somebody’s life because there are very few real magic bullets in medicine. To make major changes in an individual’s life you have to by synergistic and comprehensive.

Anti Aging Society

[Anti Aging Source] Yeah. I find it amazing how doctors say that aging can’t be reversed when they’re trying to fight disease themselves.

Dr Ronald Klatz -They’re just so locked into the semantics and they’ve been hypnotized by the establishment that says nothing can be done until we’re the one who do it who are doing it. As soon as the AMA says aging can be reversed well gosh darn, hey, hooray, we’ve found it, eureka, aren’t we great? But until the establishment, and I’m not against the AMA and I’m not against the establishment, I’m really for the establishment, I’m for technology I’m for science-based medicine. But the innovators are always 30 years ahead of the mainstream and that’s just the way it is with anti-aging medicine. We’re just ahead of the curve.

[Anti Aging Source] This leads into my next question. What are some of the challenges you’ve received from the established healthcare system? You can probably better describe it as a ‘sickcare’ system.

Dr Ronald Klatz -Well, you know, the establishment is really locked into disease-based healthcare, and disease-based healthcare is just ‘ginger peachy’ when you have a small population that under the age of 45, you know, that’s great. And certainly disease-based medicine works wonderfully with infectious disease and with a lot of trauma. Those are the big stars and examples in conventional healthcare. But it’s a dismal failure when it comes to chronic degenerative disease or aging related disease; it just doesn’t know what to do. Or with metabolic disease for that matter, it just doesn’t know what to do. These are the problems that are really meek, they’re really the part and parcel of what anti-aging medicine is about, we’re really focused on the reversal of degenerative metabolic processes that lead to degenerative disease, lead to aging, that lead to death. And that’s why we say that you really should be supporting the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine because everyday we’re fighting to extend your healthy, productive lifespan, now who else can say that, honestly?

[Anti Aging Source] Absolutely. What are some of the things that they’ve done to try and stop you, essentially?

Dr Ronald Klatz -Oh, that’s a long story. There’s a lot of mis-information out there that’s been bought and paid for by various parties that’s just totally bogus stuff. I mean, that anti-aging medicine is unscientific, that it doesn’t work, that there’s no credibility, that there’s no real scientists behind it, that there’s no real physicians behind it. Just outright lies. But, you know, those are political issues those are not scientific issues. If you look at the science, we have no problems debating the science because the science is completely on our side. The lies have just fallen by the waist side and so, we’re 20 years into this revolution in healthcare and we’re going strong and we’re continuing to build and to grow. We would have grown 3 times as fast if it wasn’t for the disinformation, so I guess the disinformation has worked for the powers that have tried to restrain anti-aging medicine. That’s the nice thing about anti-aging medicine its all about the truth, its all about what works, its all about a brighter, happier day for everybody. There’s no ‘hookempockem’ in this business, not in anti-aging medicine, per say.

Now, anti-aging is a different issue and we should make a distinction between anti-aging, which is a marketing term, which is a very powerful marketing term, I mean it sounds good, it sells a lot of product, but that’s marketing. Anti-aging medicine, however, defines the scientific new medical specialty that American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is espousing that is basically a euphemism for advance preventive medicine. Its completely science based, its completely documented, its all evidence based. We’re only interested in doing what works, and we’re only interested in doing things that are effective and its very safe medicine as well, there’s no black box molecules in what we do. We’re simply about taking things out of the laboratory a little bit sooner than they might get out. So, being able to resurrect all the hundreds and hundreds of great remedies, of great successes, that we’ve had in healthcare over the years to be forgotten because they are no longer big money makers for the people who are pushing the latest, greatest, most expensive drug.

[Anti Aging Source] I forget who said it, but somebody said, “Good health makes a lot sense, but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars.”

Dr Ronald Klatz -No it does not and that’s the interesting thing. The propagandas and the disinformation people who have come against anti-aging in the past, they say, “Oh, well these guys are just looking to make money. Well, anti-aging doesn’t make a lot of money, surgery makes money, and new drugs make money. Anti-aging is very time intensive, very labor intensive, it requires a superior doctor with an incredibly well honed diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Its one on one, its kind of like going back to the time of the artisan, you need an artist in order to practice anti-aging medicine very well.

It does not make a lot of money unfortunately, our doctors wish it did. Certainly, it provides a good living for the doctors but its not going to make anybody vastly wealthy. But it provides a very palpable, tangible, measurable measurement for the patients so that people can see that their pulmonary functions improve, that their nerve conduction velocity’s improved, that their muscle mass improves, fat to muscle ratio improves, that their eyesight improves, their hair gets thicker. All of the outward signs of youth and vitality are measureable and the inward signs of metabolic health are measureable and our science is all objective, its all laboratory based. We’re interested in doing things that are measureable, we’re not interested in just take it and pray.

It’s a good basis. The count right now is up to 200,000 people die by adverse side effects of medications. Could be higher than that. If you include iatrogenic disease, which are errors made in the hospital or errors made in diagnosis, which are plentiful, the numbers are frighteningly high. Not that 200,000 unnecessary deaths a year isn’t frightening enough as it is, you add any other iatrogenic causes of death and you may be 3 times that number.

[Anti Aging Source] Wow, that’s terrible. What keeps you going when you receive all those challenges?

Dr Ronald Klatz -I’m a simple guy and it’s very simple for me; this is a matter of life and death. My own first, and everybody else’s second. I’m fighting a good fight, I’m fighting for a longer, healthier, happier, more productive, more youthful, more healthy lifespan for myself and for everybody I know and love. I don’t know that there is a better motivation than that. [Anti Aging Source] I can’t think of any better.

It’s frustrating because you’re wearing the white hat, and you’re doing the good work, and you’re just astounded when critics come along and ‘poo poo’ what we do. It’s like why don’t you just sling mud on Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama. It’s just incredible to me that you can- don’t get me started. But when I started this whole thing, I thought, ‘build it and they will come’ this is a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Well, it’s been a little bit of slow going and there have been some hassles.

Basically the biggest frustration is going up against the lies because we can deal with the truth, the truth is real clear, the truth is the truth and we’re all about the truth, and we know how to handle the truth, and the truth is that we have a better method, we have a better paradom of healthcare, we have healthcare for the next century, things that will make people’s lives improved. The lies, however, how do you fights against the lies? It’s very difficult to deal with lies. And that’s been the only frustration I’ve had in this entire journey. But that’s okay, we’re winning and we’ll continue winning because what we’re doing is right and it’s the right thing to do.

[Anti Aging Source] I think it was Adolf Hitler who said, “The bigger the lie, the more people believe it.”

And that’s correct. The disinformation agents out there- they know what they’re doing.

[Anti Aging Source] If you could give one main reason that we got to this point in the healthcare system what would it be?How did we get to this point with the prescriptions, medications, and all this stuff that doesn’t really work?

Dr Ronald Klatz -We are there for one simple reason: It makes lots of money.

I’m a doctor, right? Let’s say you’re my patient, you come to see me because you have a headache. I give a pill that takes away your headache pain, I don’t look any deeper to figure out why you have a headache I just give you pill for your headache pain and I say now, “take this pill and if it doesn’t work come back and see me in a couple days.” You take the pill and it doesn’t really work so you come back and see me in another couple days and I say, “well, that pill’s not strong enough, let me a give you a stronger pill to take away your pain and come back and see me in a couple days.” Well you come back and see me in a couple days and you say, “Well that pill’s pretty good but it only last for a few hours, I need more pills.” and I say “Okay well take these pills and when you run out come back and see me again.” And you take the pills for a few days and you feel a little bit better and you come back a few days later when you run out of pills, well that’s going to go on forever and that’s called an annuity.

If, however, you come to see me and you say, “Doc, I’ve got a headache.” and I say, “Hm, I wonder why you have a headache. Could it be that the nail somebody screwed into the back of your head could be giving you that headache?” And you reach back, and you feel this nail in your head and you go, “Hm, you know I hadn’t thought of that, but when I touch that nail it really hurts.” I say, “Let’s try this just for fun, let’s pull that nail out and lets put some antibiotic ointment on there and lets let it heal and let’s see what happens to your headache. Come back and see me in a few days, let me know how you’re doing.” A few days come and go, you don’t come back. A few more days come and go, you don’t come back. I start to get worried so I call you on the phone, “Cliff, what happened with that headache of yours?” “Oh, doctor, I have class, I’m sorry I didn’t feel like I had to come back, I don’t have a headache anymore, I feel fine. I’m doing great, as a matter of fact I forgot all about it.” Now, you can see how one way is a good business model, healing people is not always the best business model.

[Anti Aging Source] Next question: What is your personal anti-aging routine?

Dr Ronald Klatz -Oh my goodness, we don’t have enough time for that. Basically, you need to do a little bit of everything because all the different cells of the body age at different rates and the eyes age different than the pancreas or the liver or the kidneys or your gallbladder or your brain, so you have to do something for every one of them. I take a wide spectrum of antioxidants; I take about 60 pills a day, frankly, about 20 pills with each meal. I take antioxidants; unfortunately I am at an age where my testosterone is not what it should be so I take a little bit of testosterone supplementation.

A couple times a week if I don’t sleep as well as I’d like to or as deeply I take some melatonin supplementation it seems to help improve the quality of my sleep. I try to exercise for 20 minutes 5 times a week or more; I try to take a walk every day. I believe in the power of prayer, I like to mediate and pray once a week, if I can. I think it’s great to have good friends and good family.

Thank God that I’m blessed with that. I wish I could say there was one magic pill, like I could say, “Oh! Take Resveratrol!” Well, Resveratrol is great but it is just one of the 60 things a take everyday. I can’t point my finger and say there is one absolute great thing but there is a lot of great things and also you need to keep away from toxins in your environment, that’s very important, even more importantly now with what is going on in Japan and with nuclear energy and with all that kinds of things.

You have to lead a very clean life, you need to keep away from GMO food, or genetically modified food, that’s very dangerous stuff. Keep away from air pollution. You need to make sure that the water you’re drinking is ultra, ultra purified or distill and clean because there is a lot of nasty stuff in water. If you really want to lose sleep at night, call your water company, the city municipal water supply, and ask them to send you a report on the water. I did that in my community, I found out there was arsenic in my water, there was lead in my water, there was cadmium in my water, there was boron, all kinds of toxic minerals and this was not even a complete report, this was a partial report. I really don’t want to be drinking even minute amounts of arsenic everyday but it’s in the water supply.

[Anti Aging Source] That is ridiculous. Especially the Fluoride!

Dr Ronald Klatz -I forgot to mention fluoride! Fluoride is just outright homicide. No good reason for it, if you believe fluoride is good for your teeth, fine put it in your toothpaste, but why put it in your drinking supply so it ends up in everything you eat, in all the food you eat and so you overdose on it everyday. Try and avoid on our cleaning supplies in our households.

There’s another issue, all the synthetics that are used in the plastics that we wrap our food in. The rugs in your home, the paints on the wall, everything outgases and puts out these synthetic chemicals that are oftentimes estrogen emetics, they fool the body into thinking its estrogen it has a horrendous effect on people’s metabolism and endocrinology.

[Anti Aging Source] Is there any of the fake anti-aging stuff out there that you would tell people to avoid?

Dr Ronald Klatz -Be careful with homeopathic products. I’m not against homeopathy but homeopathy is becoming an area that people are running towards, like homeopathic HCG, I’ve seen all kinds of ads for this stuff. Unfortunately, anti-aging is such a strong marketing term that it attracts the very best and sometimes the not very best of people.

Look for products that have an actual practicing licensed physician as a spokesperson or on the board of directors because doctors tend to be cautious about things they endorse. Many times, they’re actually overcautious, but at least if you have somebody with a license to lose, and with a reputation to maintain, you can have some feeling that the product has some validity to it.

If you see a product being advertised and they’re no phone number and there’s no address, and there’s no people associated with that product, then keep away from that product. You really want to stay with products that have people with good reputations behind it and that’s the best advice I can give.

[Anti Aging Source] You’re also a prolific writer. If there’s one book that my readers and listeners should choose first, what would it be and why?

Well, the real bargain that is out there, in my opinion, is The Anti-Aging Revolution, which is my lasted book. It is about 450 pages and I think you can get it on for less than $20. It’s really a compendium of years and years of experience of hundreds of doctors from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. It tells you how to start up an anti-aging medicine program, it gives you all the basic information you need so you can start your own anti-aging medicine program. Clearly, 80% of what we do in anti-aging, in way of a nutritional program and a diagnostic program can be done without a doctor. You can do it on your own if you’re will to read and become educated. I recommend everybody should because you only have one body and it’s worth reading the users manual. So, I recommend the Anti-Aging Revolution, I’m completely biased because I’m the author but it’s not just me, it’s the input of dozens, if not hundreds of other physicians who have contributed to this particular publication.

Dr Ronald Klatz -Also, there’s a ton of free information, if $20, or $19 or, I don’t know, $10 used from Amazon, but if that’s too much for you, just go online to It is the official website of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We have over 100,000 articles that are there, that are indexed that are easy to find, on all kinds of topics; anything from prostate disease to brain cancer, to stem cells, cloning, Telomerase, Resveratrol, Coqu10, aspirin therapy, the prevention of heart disease, the prevention of cancer. It’s an encyclopedia and it’s free, it’s a public service from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine to you. If that wasn’t good enough go to and when you’re on the homepage sign up for our newsletter, the Longevity Newsletters. It is actually an ejournal, and it’s free. You can sign up for it with just an email address and every week you’ll get the latest information on anti-aging from the medical journals. We review well over 140 journals every weeks looking for what’s new, what’s exciting, what is useful and what can be applied right now to improve the quality and quantity of your life and that’s available at, it’s the Longevity e-journal, and it’s free!

[Anti Aging Source] Any interesting anti-aging medicine projects in the works right now?

Dr Ronald Klatz -There’s so much great stuff out there, it’s really a very exciting time to be alive. There’re some researchers in Russia who have claimed that by working on intercellular antioxidants that are able to essentially, stop aging in laboratory mice. Now, that needs to be collaborated by other researchers but if that’s true then they may very well have a method for significantly altering the aging process, working along with telomeres and telomerase from many different laboratories claiming improvements and rejuvenation. Stem cell research is hot, hot, hot, so is genetic engineering. Everyday is another miracle and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s one goal is to make this information available to the public and to bring the doctors together that can deliver these technologies to the public in time to save your life. That’s what we’re all about- we’re looking to cure aging within our own lifetime.

[Anti Aging Source] Are there any other events at

Dr Ronald Klatz -We have conferences all over the world. We’re having a world congress in the next few weeks, April 7-9 in Orlando and there will be probably about 3000 physicians and scientist from, I’d imagine, 60 different countries. There will be 100s of speakers and it is going to be an incredible congress and an incredible opportunity to network with the world’s best and most competent physicians and scientists in the fields. So if someone wants to go to a networking opportunity and a place they can earn and see the lasted technologies in this industry, it’s in Orlando, April 7-9. All of the information, the program, the speakers all is available for free at

[Anti Aging Source] I am also personally looking at being there, The Anti-Aging Source will be there for all you listeners out there.

Dr Ronald Klatz -Well looking forward to see you there, Cliff.

[Anti Aging Source] Awesome, agreed, I look forward to meeting you there.

Dr Ronald Klatz -Live long and well, and I will see you in Orlando.

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