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Sangeeta Pati, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist who specializes in natural hormone replacement, anti-aging and holistic, preventative medicine, is one of the American Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine’s most esteemed doctors and featured speaker at the upcoming World Congress in Orlando April 7-9, 2011 in Orlando – registration still available here: Annual Congress on Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Sangeeta Pati MD practiced obstetrics-gynecology in the Washington, D.C. area for 14 years before opening holistic SaJune Medical Center in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Pati helps each patient develop an aggressive preventative plan to restore optimal balance of hormones, nutrients while removing toxins. Dr. Pati graduated at the top of her medical class at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, Baltimore, and served a residency at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C. She has worked extensively in the U.S. and internationally as Medical Director for a 350-employee non-profit organization, Engenderhealth. Dr. Pati is multi-lingual and is renowned in her field, having authored numerous scientific articles and addressed audiences both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Pati’s practice in Orlando, FL, SaJune Medical Center, ( offers evidence-based medical therapies, by combining conventional and alternative approaches (i.e. acupuncture, homeopathy, oriental medicine, infra-red therapy, microcurrent and galvanic therapies) with a focus on prevention, anti-aging, bio-identical hormones, natural hormone replacement, weight-loss, nutrition, detoxification, wellness programs and gynecological services. SaJune also provides a complete range of cutting edge medical spa services such as Fotofacial™ laser rejuvenation, cellulite reduction (FDA approved), laser-light hair removal, laser acne treatment and mesotherapy.

Our Interview With Dr Sangeeta Pati MD:

[Anti Aging Source] I always find the personal stories of all those that I interview to be absolutely fascinating. It seems you have been in alternative care pretty much since you started practicing medicine in DC all those years ago. What first inspired you to give alternative care? Was it a challenge to give alternative care back then? I know it has gained much more acceptance lately but maybe not so much then.

Dr Sangeeta Pati MD - I was first introduced to the power of complimentary approaches to health as a child through my mother, Geeta Pati who always spoke and wrote of the natural cures (such as colostrum for eye infections) used in villages in India. This exposure continued through my teen years when I developed encephalopathic hepatitis from a vaccine in India and experienced the mix of traditional and complimentary approaches to get me back on my feet.

As a resident in Ob/Gyn at Georgetown, I actually had a chance to prove in the lab that mother’s colostrum was effective against most dangerous bacteria that caused eye infections in neonates. My conviction towards complimentary approaches was strengthened during my private practice years, when patients made it clear that they would prefer a “natural” approach if possible, I just did not have much knowledge in that area.

Subsequently, I was exposed to Traditional Birth Attendants and Midwives throughout the world, as I worked to create a better system to reduce Maternal Mortality under a Gates funded project at Engenderhealth. It became clear that there were other more restorative approaches to health that are complimentary to pharmacy and surgery alone.

The challenge in offering complimentary approaches generally comes from within for health care providers. It comes from the natural discomfort we as providers have in an area in which we do not have the knowledge. From patients perspective, I can assure you that for the majority of people, the first thought they have when they are told they have high BP or high Cholesterol is, “ Is there something I can do to correct it without medication?”.

I have followed Carl Sagan’s philosophy on this one, “Science requires the strange mating of two contradictory tendencies; the willingness to consider even the most bizarre idea and at the same time requiring hard evidence to back up every claim.” The patient demand drives this equation. We are sicker now as a population than we have ever been and everyone knows that.

Note: Complimentary approaches refer to combining the best of the traditional approaches with the best of the complimentary approaches. They are not really “alternative” as they often work together to broaden our tool box.

[Anti Aging Source] I looked into the non-profit organization you directed for awhile, EngenderHealth and I must say I very impressed at the work they do. I myself spent several years in Europe on a Humanitarian mission and saw many things but one thing I noticed the most is that it changed me and my perspective. Where are some of the places and situations you saw and how did they change you?

I worked mostly in Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Dominican Republic. The obstacles to health care in these places is primarily related to basic insufficiencies in transport to care, road to care, water for care , right to care etc. Often our work extended to work with the entities needed to address these kind of issues. You can have a top notch facility to care for a bleeding mother, but if 80% of the population lies in an area not connected by road, you need a different, realistic solution.

[Anti Aging Source] What guided you to find hormone replacement as your chosen specialty?

Dr Sangeeta Pati MD -When the WHI study came out, women came off their hormones and came through our door at Women’s First in DC with Suzanne Somer’s book. We knew nothing about bio-identical hormones, but as we started losing patients, I started reading her book. I then spent 1 ½ year researching the data and came to the conclusions that

1) as hormones decline, the body declines because hormone receptors exist on every bone, brain and heart cell where they stimulate maintenance and function.

2) restoring physiologic hormone levels to protective ranges is a viable option for protection from degenerative disease

3) hormones that are exactly identical to the body have a protective effect when the body makes them and have a protective effect when we restore them and 4) the quality of life (i.e. energy level, mental function, sleep, pain, sex drive) is significantly better with physiologic levels of hormones.

[Anti Aging Source] In a nut shell, can you describe what natural hormone replacement is and why it is so vital?

Dr Sangeeta Pati MD -Hormone decline causes symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, weight gain, drop in sex drive, low energy, low mental function, insomnia. When we as providers pick up our pens to write a prescription for an anti-depressant drug, we need to wonder, “Is this patient deficient in an anti-depressant drug or do they have hormones and nutrient deficiencies causing this symptom?”

[Anti Aging Source] Can you give a list of the important hormones involved in the body and some of their functions?

I can list symptoms associated with deficiency, The list of functions is beyond scope of discussion: Thyroid: low energy. Low mental clarity, memory, focus, depression, weight gain, dry hair, dry skin, loss outer eyebrows, high cholesterol,Testosterone: low mental function, drop sex drive, increased sugars, anxiety, depressionProgesterone: anxiety. Panic attacks, irritability, mood swings, PMS, insomnia, low sex drive, fibroids, breast cysts, heavy bleeding.

[Anti Aging Source] When coming to your practice in Orlando, FL how does the typical patient preventative plan go?

Dr Sangeeta Pati MD -Every patient receives our five point restorative model to optimization:

1) Hormones: measurement and correction of
2) Nutrients: through food, plants, superfoods
3) Removal of toxins
4) Mind balance therapy
5) Body strengthening regimen

[Anti Aging Source] Would you mind describing your personal daily routine for staying as radiant and full of life as you are?

Dr Sangeeta Pati MD - Every morning, I go outside in my bare feet and soak up the sun rays and ground my energy in the earth, breathe deeply of oxygen and direct it to all my organs and have deep and abundant gratitude for the blessings all around and in my life. I keep an attitude of optimism and gratitude towards all events in the day, even counting the perceived obstacles as gifts which will lead to the next perfect outcome. This mental attitude is of course the key to living a full and radiant life. A most important part in my routine is to take time to dance sing and keep light hearted. At the end I think we will wish to have had more fun and taken life less seriously!

Strong mind creates strong body. Healthy lifestyle follows, eating mostly plants, superfoods, supplements and keeping physically active.

[Anti Aging Source] What is the thing that motivates to get up every morning, to do what you do?

Dr Sangeeta Pati MD - It is very exciting to be a student of life every day. That is all I need!

[Anti Aging Source] Thank you for the interview Dr. Pati!

For those out there that are interested in learning more about her view the Dr Sangeeta Pati MD page on

For those in the Orlando area can check out her practices website, and also you are encouraged to check out the 19th Annual Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine April 7th-9th in Orlando, FL it promises to be fantastic and the Anti Aging Source will be there covering it!

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