Eat Right For The Fight Against Aging, My Top 5 Anti Aging Hints

by Ravi

1. Carrot is one of the most effective vegetable to fight against the process of anti-aging. Carrot contains a large amount of beta-Carotene. Beta-Carotene is a very good anti-oxidant that nullifies the free radicals and stop them from distributing the aging effects all over the body.

2. Eating large amounts of Pistachio Nuts has proved effective in providing a supple and young looking skin along with providing a healthier life.

3. Consuming tomatoes has also shown to help in preventing the aging process due to the presence of lycopene in it. Tomatoes can also be applied in the face along with a small amount of lemon juice for a younger look.

4. Grinding potatoes and rubbing them on the face along with the apple sauce and washing the face with water after twenty five minutes will also be helpful in providing a young skin.

5. Watching the amount of calories consumed each day and decreasing the excessive and unwanted intake of calories will be highly useful in providing a young appearance.

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