Exfoliate with corn meal

by Joy Gault
(Highland Park Illinois)

My grandmother had the most beautiful peaches and cream skin well into her 90's.

She told me her secret when I was a very young girl...it didn't mean much to me then, but it has come to my rescue as I grew older.

Take one cup of coarsely ground corn meal. Chill it well. (She said in the "ice box" but I assume most readers now have refrigerators!)

Mix it thoroughly with 1/4 cup of similarly chilled good quality olive oil.

Spread this liberally on your face, throat and neck. It is very gentle and will feel good. Then take your index and middle finger and begin to slowly massage the corn meal/olive oil mixture in gentle circles over all of your neck, throat and face.

This not only removes dead skin, but the olive oil softens the skin. Having the mixture chilled also gives your skin a real glow.

I should know. I am now 78 years old and am still getting frequent compliments on my "youthful skin."

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