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The Ten Facts On Heart Disease You Need To Know Today!

You hear about heart disease all the time but amazingly you won’t find the facts on heart disease I will now share with you always featured. There are many reasons for this that I will share with you as we go through these facts but if you learn these facts you will be well on your way to living a naturally longer life!

Because sadly heart disease is the number 1 killer of American’s over and above every other disease and cause! There are a million ways that it is treated and delayed but never quite “cured” and why is that?

I hope with this list of facts on heart disease to break it down simply for you so you can make your own decisions regarding your future heart health .

One of our sayings is:

Health care is complex but true health is simple.

The Number 1 Heart Disease Fact:

Do you know what the most common first symptom of heart disease is?

Wait for it..


Seriously, the majority of those with heart disease didn’t know they had it till they died.

There was no second chance, no long drawn out surgeries performed, or slow fight with cholesterol. Sadly for many individuals they didn’t know there was any cause for concern before they died.

Fact Numero 2:

Another of the sad facts on heart disease but also the one that gives the most hope is that it is very preventable. So those that have been lost didn’t need to be but that gives all us living a way to avoid their fate.

In a small case of some patients with genetic heart problems it is almost unavoidable (I say almost because if they follow heart strengthening tips which are talked about later in these facts on heart disease these too are preventable).

Keep going and we will get to some points on how to help prevent it for you!

The 3rd on our List Of Heart Disease Facts:

Heart Disease is a disease almost caused exclusively through diet!

Whether it be through a lack of nutrients in food such as antioxidants or the over abundance of food leading to obesity and also the over abundance of certain essentials even such as Omega 6, ultimately it is what we eat that is responsible.

(See Omega 3 vs. Omega 6 if you are curious how Omega 6 is involved)

Fourth item about heart disease you need to know:

Obese people are not the only ones that need to worry about heart disease. If you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, eat too much omega 6, don’t exercise but are still skinny that does not somehow make you exempt from heart disease.

These are those that are most likely to die without warning because they don’t see the outward signs that people look for and so don’t talk to their doctor.

If you think this might be you, be sure to get yourself checked out and your levels tested to see if you have any of the risk factors or cholesterol levels that you should be worried about.

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The 5th of Our Facts on Heart Disease:

Sitting too much, is a major cause of heart disease.

Studies going back as far as 1958 have shown that those that sit at their job for more the 6 hours a day are 54% more likely to have heart disease. From bus drivers to office workers, and this independent of whether they smoke or not or are fat or not., even moderate exercise didn’t make a difference in these studies..

After finding this out I now stand while I am typing this. So what to do? If your job is an office job like mine start standing, it takes a little bit of getting used to but is quite doable.

If you are a bus driver or similar, try and take frequent breaks to stand and walk around and make sure you have a good anti aging diet and anti aging supplementation program.

Fact number 6:

High blood pressure (Which is major risk factor for developing heart disease) is not only caused by mental stress. It is caused by environmental stress such as over exposure to toxic fumes, and such like. You must take care of these environmental stresses if you really want to get to the bottom of this issue.

Also in a similar vein, stress isn’t just, having to meet that amazingly soon deadline at work, etc. It is the constant go, go, go! Always checking your blackberry for the latest email and reading the news every five minutes. Doesn’t help your stress level at all, in fact it keeps it just as high!

Fact 7 of 10 on the list of facts on heart disease:

Women are the most likely to die suddenly with no warning and are also the ones that if they survive are most hurt by the heart attack.

So if you are a woman with any of the risk factors of heart disease, now is the day to get started on a heart disease prevention program not tomorrow.

The 8th little known fact about heart disease:

Exercise is key, but does not have to be intense. Living a largely sedentary lifestyle where you don’t go outside all day is a life that is not only a little boring but also is a recipe for heart disease. It deprives you of vitamin d from the sun which can lead to cancer as well as heart disease.

So getting out and getting that heart pumping at least every day with a good walk in a sunny area is all that has been shown that is necessary for the anti aging exercise benefit though more won’t hurt and actually has been shown to help a lot.


One of the hidden facts on heart disease is listed right and that is there are many therapies and natural cheap alternatives that are not only proven by science but actually recommended by FDA which shows how much they have been proven the FDA doesn’t do anything till something has been proven about a million times beyond a shadow of a doubt.

One of those is Omega 3 fish oil for essential fatty acids to bring your oils into proper balance, Vitamin E and Vitamin D as far the essential vitamins, as well as antioxidants which have been shown to reduce cholesterol. One super effective antioxidant is Resveratrol.

As well as whole grains with vegetables and fruits. All of these have been shown to cut risk to non-existent. It is important that they all be done together with in holistic manor for it to be most effective. Read out anti aging program for more info.

Last but not least:

Another rather sad but important one of the facts on heart disease is that in the time that it took you to read this page assuming it took you 20 minutes, about 20 people will have died from heart disease!

This trend is getting even worse…

Start reversing the trend in your life and teach others to do the same. That is all you can do!

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