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Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits and How To Get Them For You

There are many fish oil omega 3 benefits and we will explore them together in this page. So where do we start? Why is fish oil good for us? And what is the best way to add it to our diet to get all of it's benefits without the risks (Yes there are risks! Read on!)?Fish oil capsule close up

Those and hopefully a few other questions will be answered as we move on. We will discuss first the history and some of the sources of fish oil omega 3 benefits then consider some proven benefits of making it part of your everyday diet and then some of the safety risks associated with fish oil and how to avoid them!

History of Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits

People have noted health benefits of eating fish since the 30's in modern history but it has also been the staple in the diet of many ancient cultures including Egyptian and Jewish cultures. But the beginning depths of their many health benefits were not discovered until a study of Greenland Intuit people in the 70's. Where it was discovered that this people group with a super high concentration of fish a near 0% incidence of heart disease (See List of Heart Diseases for more info on heart disease the #1 killer disease of the US).

This has led to a flurry of research that has led to the FDA actually recommending it in your diet and to make conditional health benefits (For them to do this is a process that can take decades and is only after it is pretty much beyond a shadow of a doubt).

These benefits come that come primarily from fish oil have to do with three different fatty acids (Known as Omega 3 fatty acids) that are found in them. These are known respectively as EPA, DHA, and ALA. From this point on it gets very technical at that point as to how each effects us and how. But suffice to say you want all three (Will talk more about this when we discuss adding fish oil to your diet at the end of the page)

So there are fish oil omega 3 benefits but what exactly are they?

The Specific Fish Oil Health Benefits:

There are four main areas that Omega 3 has the most effect on:

Heart health

The EPA in fish oil has been shown to lower the levels of triglycerides (The junk that gets in your blood and is a major sign of heart disease), along with lowering blood pressure and helping blood to not clot too quick which can also lead to heart attack.

Brain Health

Many people don't know that Omega 3's are one of the major building blocks of our brain!

DHA is essential for brain development, which is why it is recommended for pregnant women. It also helps when you are trying to learn things as it helps build connections in our brain!

This EPA also helps with the day to day maintenance of the mind. Keeping it fit and active.

Eye health

Omega fatty acids play a huge role in our eyes. Because our eyes nerves have a very high concentration of omega fatty acids through out.

Both DHA and EPA need to be present to make the fish oil omega 3 benefits completely effective here.

Joint Health

Omega-6 fatty acids (Found in vegetable oils) when over consumed and out of balance have been shown to produce inflammation in the body leading to joint pain and the source of some forms of heart disease.

Omega 3 fatty acids do the exact opposite bringing down inflammation and bringing Omega-6 fatty acids into balance.

Other Health Benefits

It has been shown to help depression, Diabetes, and other diseases.

As well as support a healthy immune system.

So to conclude this section:

It is an all around fighter!

A very useful ally in your fight against aging!

There are some potential problems with this ally though and we will talk about them next:

Problems with Fish Oil

Fish (Particularly the deep sea fish that have the best Omega-3s) are one of the species most susceptible to pollution and heavy metals getting into them via their environment.

There have even been found traces of antibiotics and prescription drugs found in deep sea fish!

These are not only the potential problems with eating fresh fish as your only source of fish oil omega 3 benefits. They are also a potential hazard of a supplemental program as well!

Many fish oil supplements have even been shown to have trace amounts of lead! Which is a poison that builds up over time never really going away and can cause massive damage.

So with these problems how can you get the most out of fish oil without hurting yourself?

This is answered next..

How to Add Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits To Your Diet Without The Problems

As far as eating fish on a regular basis (More then once a week) we do not recommend it here at the

Supplementation is the best source for the pure oil without the potential side effects.


For one main reason, when supplemented it is possible to purify the fish oil. When just taken via diet alone you always run the risk of the source of the fish being not so super or it getting eating the wrong thing.

With supplements we know there are potential problems but those through the proper processes can be removed!

While fish once a week will probably not hurt (and indeed is pretty good tasting).

To guarantee purity find a company you trust to purify their Omega 3 fish oil and reap the benefits!

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