Get A Good Nights Sleep For One!

by Rita

There are many ways to fight the aging process.

One of the biggest things you need to do, and I know it is said often, is sleep. A good night’s sleep every night will reduce the looks of aging. People need an average of eight hours of sleep per night.

Stress is another thing that makes you look older. Brew some yerba mate tea and it will help to combat stress, which in turn helps you look younger.

Your eyelids may be puffy so there are like two things you could do to help prevent puffiness. You could elevate your head with pillows for the night. Before going to bed put a cold teaspoon in the freezer to put on your eyes the next morning to make swelling go down, and look younger.

Cold tea bags work as well (any kind). You obviously also need a good wholesome diet, with an exercise plan, and drink enough water.

For your face you also need to wash your face everyday, and after washing your face, put on moisturizer. Before going outside you need to put SPF on your face to reduce the chance of getting wrinkles.

I hope these tips helped someone!

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