How I managed to look 30 at the age of 50!

by George Asztalos



Well, this is not a bit of cosmetic work. On the contrary I do not use lotions and medication to look younger at all.

I think that people must stop looking for chemical secrets to improve their look. Even plastic surgery is a risky job that people must try to avoid.

See what happened to Michael Jackson: you simply cannot put yourself against the Nature, because you will do it with your own hands and nature will win every time.

My secret to look younger after a half of century is being a performing sportsmen in my youth and a calm, not a self-consuming person, in my middle age.

I have sedentary and nervous friends who look sixty y.o. in their fifty. Be a active and calm human being. This must be, in my opinion, the first two commandments to keep looking and feeling good.

That is how you grow old in the most beautiful way.

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