How much water or coffee to drink?

by Carol
(United States)

anti aging water?

anti aging water?

anti aging water? Or anti aging coffee?

User Question:

I know drinking water is really good for your skin, but I wonder just how much you really need? Eight glasses just seems impossible!

And does coffee count as water? Also, what are the effects of drinking coffee. I heard somewhere that it was bad for your skin. What are your thoughts?

The Anti Aging Source Answer:

Wow good question! Be sure to check out more tips at my page for anti aging skincare

Water is super important in any anti aging program. Because it is a purifying agent. A good steady source of water has many anti aging properties not just for the skin.

So how much to drink to help the skin, you ask?

To get the full amount of help to your skin from just water alone, probably 8 glasses of water a day!

Notice what I said though, from water alone. You can cut this requirement a bit when you take other things into account.

The problem is when we focus just on our water intake or just on how much we stay in the sun, and on and on.

But we here like to focus on the whole picture. That means getting a good amount of anti-oxidants from our diet (fruits and vegetables along with supplements) along with a proper respect for the sun, and for water. See more at longevity diet.

With those three in balance you can stop living with requirements of 8 glasses a day and start just living in the day!

As far as coffee is concerned. 99% of coffee is water. So yes it does count as water, but it does not count as the best kind of water for you.

There are many anti aging benefits for coffee which I find amazing like reduced cancer risk among others.

Some believe it has dehydrating properties which has led to some saying it is bad for your skin. But that has been shown to be mostly false. So for this anti aging guy coffee is pretty much all the way around good.

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