How reducing stress makes you live longer and healthier

by Vic

In all of our cells, there are little components called mitochondria that give us energy. They are the powerhouses and their function is directly correlated with our well-being. However, they can get hurt by all sorts of environmental assaults like free radicals – little compounds with oxygen that also hurt DNA replication.

For those, you can take anti-oxidants from natural sources like wild berries to help.

However, stress from bad emotions, lack of sleep, and even medications stress out these little mitochondria. And when these little mitochondria function below normal, we feel the cumulative effects and feel older than how we really are.

My tip?

I’ve several. In short, live a healthy lifestyle with as few unnatural components as possible.


Change your perceptions or situation to feel better. Make room for sleep and include power naps. And don’t take drugs (that includes coffee and Tylenol for that small ache) unless you absolutely need to (like when a period feels like it’s ripping your insides apart).

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