How to always be young

by shwetha menon

Aging is the problem which was faced by our new society. Most of the people in our society are busy with their work and they did not get enough time to take care of their health.

So the symptoms of aging happen faster than in the case of our ancestors. If we spend just only one hour in a week, we can prevent the aging effect up to certain extent.

Skin is the organ that will reflects the aging most predominantly. I will give you some anti-aging tips which can be done at your own home.

We can use some kitchen items as anti aging products. The wrinkling of skin, which is caused due to the lack of moisture content, is the main problem faced by many people. So by providing sufficient nutrients, we can prevent wrinkling.

Milk and milk product are very good for massaging you skin, especially your face. If milk is not available then massage it with any type of oil.

Eat plenty of calcium rich products such as milk, liver, meat etc. Calcium are very essential for the health of our bones and teeth.

Place a piece of cucumber above our eyes just for 10 minutes which will remove the black color effect below our eyes. Besides it will give a cooling effect to our eyes.

Eat plenty of juices, fruits and vegetables.

Make exercise a part of your life.

Avoid the use of rice products which will increase the body mass. Eat iodine rich food such as fish from the sea, which will prevent the problem regarding with our thyroid gland.

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