How to feel younger? Neem or Sandalwood Herbs Plus..

by Mani Trivedi
(Kanpur, UP, India)

A nice book on how to feel younger

A nice book on how to feel younger

A nice book on how to feel younger the pharmaceutical way of being younger

I have heard many things and advertisement to remain younger but i do not believe them personally. According to me a proper daily schedule of exercise and healthy and nutritious food keeps you fit and younger. We just cannot defy time like "Tithonus", a poem by Lord Tennyson. But we can duly delay this time by following a proper routine. A 1-2 hour of exercise in the morning and then a healthy and nutritious breakfast is an icing on the cake.

Regularly eating fresh fruits and then apply sandalwood or neem on your face would be beneficial for your skin and would decrease the anti-aging marks. Then a proper lunch and dinner is a must.

Do not overstress yourself. Make a habit of walking after dinner for around 15-20 minutes.
Do not eat oily food.

Also try to make others happy and spend a lot of time with your family and friends. This will keep you fresh and you will feel secure. Try to use natural things like neem or sandalwood or other herbal products rather than cosmetic products for your skin.

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