by Anuradha Sudheer

My Indian Bath Powder soap/Face Mask recipe:


Sun dry 250 grams each of GREEN GRAM (golden gram, Vigna radiata, Phaseolus aureus ), Horse gram, Chick pea and grind it to fine powder. To this powder add 200 grams of multani mutti powder, 30 grams each of rose petal powder, orange peel, neem leaf powder, turmeric and sandal wood powder.


Mix all these well and store in a air tight container.This powder can be used instead of soap, by making a paste with water and scrubbing your skin. you will have squeak clean and glowing skin.

A face pack can be made with this powder , by mixing half teaspoon of the above powder, with lemon juice, or yogurt/ orange juice / tomato juice and applying on your face till it dries.

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