Is colloidal silver use a myth or amazing??

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wondering about colloidal silver - i heard a man turned blue. What do you think about this substance as what some people say - "a super anti-biotic"?

The answer:

Colloidal Silver has antibiotic uses. I know this because I was treated with a silver-based topical ointment when I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my leg as a child.

That being said, according to my research, colloidal silver has benefit taken occasionally internally against infection but these benefits must we weighed by the risks.

Silver is a heavy metal like Lead or Mercury and therefore builds up in the body over time. Though it is not toxic like Lead (Which can cause all kinds of problems). Prolonged and excessive use can lead to the skin turning grayish-blue.

Most of the cases in which this happened were home kits and products taken way beyond their limits.

Some have claimed some amazing things like that colloidal silver has been medically proven to heal 650 diseases (Including AIDS!), etc. Also there have been claims that Silver is a necessary nutrient. But there has not been one medically proven study that proves these claims and it definitely not a necessary nutrient or mineral!

It has been shown to be effective against infection so may help the common cold and other infectious diseases. Though the lack of clinical studies that prove this makes me wary on that point.

Make sure if you take this supplement that it is from a company that you trust to put the amounts that they say are in it, in it. (Some companies in the past have put more then is on the label) do not take it in massive doses and I would recommend not taking it regularly over any more then a month or two.

If you see results and can live with the risks go for it but please exercise caution.

If you want another of nature's all-natural antibiotics which has no potential side effects, I would look into Garlic supplements. There are those out there that have little or no smell and effect on your breath and it has been shown rather effective with quite a few clinical trials.

Thank you for your question!


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Nov 08, 2010
Best Burn Treatment
by: Carol

Don't know about taking it internally, but I know it sure works on burns!
I too have had an experience with being badly burned. ( a casserole dish with VERY hot liquid spilled on my leg when I tried to remove it from the oven)
It healed so well, I don't even have a scar.

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