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Jodi Fedor CEO and Founder of Exuberance Beauty

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Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen Jodi Fedor is passionate and inquisitive, a seeker and a doer, a visionary and an out-of-the-box thinker. She is the founder of Exuberance, the creative designer of the exuberance packaging and the voice behind the exuberant woman letters and the Exuberance brand. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of love, authenticity, truth and exuberance.

Jodi spent the first years of her life sailing around the world with a family of seven on a boat her father built by hand. Just one month old when her family set sail, she had traveled halfway around the world by the time she was five. Her unorthodox upbringing still informs the way she views the world, and she has an expansive notion of the concept of beauty.

Which is why it is such an honor for us to be able to talk with her right now:

Our Sit Down Chat With Jodi Fedor

[Anti Aging Source] Welcome, Jodi, I would like to start off first by talking a little bit about where you came from. I saw that you traveled halfway around the world by the time you were 5. How many different countries and cultures did you get to visit? Were there any cultures or countries that impressed you the most?

Jodi Fedor -We sailed through the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, past the coast of Japan, Hawaii…! The exact number? I actually don’t have a clue. It was a whirlwind of cultures, each place incredibly diverse and colourful, and it taught me very early that the world was a big magical, interesting place.

I have memories that most children don’t ever experience, from being boarded by pirates (my father chased them off with a machete while me and my two younger twin sisters slept in hammocks about 5 feet away) to waking up every morning to gather flying fish that had landed on the deck in the night.

I remember Haiti, for the poverty, and how it broke my heart. I still see a little boy, of about my age, wrapped in string while I rode atop a donkey to view an old war zone. As children we often have a finely nuanced sense of fairness, and I knew that this wasn’t fair. I remember Biloxi, Mississippi, for the Christmas candy some neighbours gave us…. more candy than I had ever seen, and I remember being so curious about why they were sharing it with me, someone they had just met. I remember the Bahamas for the private island we found and the hermit crab that we brought onto the boat, in a shell that we thought was abandoned. The things you remember when you are young are different than what an adult would.

There were some good lessons in the trip for me. I learned that no matter where we were, people were just people – some kind, some not, some wanting to give, and some needing to take. There was a ‘flattening’ of culture that happened for me, one that still exists to this day. I suppose if I were to sum it up, I learned that ultimately we are all the same, no matter where we are from.

[Anti Aging Source] How do you feel your time in other countries influences your product line the most?

Jodi Fedor -I think it gave me the courage to start, the belief that I could create whatever I wanted to. I learned so early that since there were so many different people in the world, all living different lives, I too could live any kind of life I wanted, be any kind of person I wanted, create what I wanted. This helps when you decide to start a skin care company, and you’ve never made a lotion!

From a product line perspective, I wanted to include all the amazing ingredients that the world has to offer, all the benefits that could be found – to me it made no sense to stick entirely to the lab when their was such power, such exuberance if you will in nature – so our ingredients come from all over the world. I love that they are grown in their natural habitats, respecting their natural growth cycle. I think it makes for more potent products, more active ingredients, and ultimately, more beautiful skin.

[Anti Aging Source] You have quite the amazing perspective on what true beauty is, would you mind sharing with my readers some of those thoughts?

Jodi Fedor -I remember the first woman I thought was beautiful – she had gorgeous chocolate skin and long red nails that were so long they curved, and I thought she was the absolute pinnacle of beauty, with her boisterous laugh and the way she seemed so comfortable in her skin. My vision of beauty was so diverse when I was young, and because we traveled so much, I didn’t associate beauty with consistent physical traits; my linchpin was the amount of comfort a women had with herself, whether she seemed to live in her own skin, whether she liked herself; there is a certain energy women give off when they love themselves this way, and very early on I found this beautiful. As I got older and settled into one place, I learned different rules existed, and I got caught up in them too, in a big and soul-destroying way.

I learned that I was never quite enough; that I was supposed to compare myself and find out where I fell short, and that feeling beautiful and sharing this was not acceptable in our culture; as girls and women we constantly chronicle our faults to each other and rarely celebrate our strengths. We are taught through many channels that our beauty is dictated by individual physical elements ; yet this is such a limited, simplistic way of looking at it – our individual beauty is so much more than that. It is about how we live, how we express ourselves, the joy we allow ourselves, the choices we make – all of this flows through us and reflects out into the world.

I know firsthand that our perception of beauty is flavored by our own experiences and the cultures we grow up in. My vision of beauty, for example, could be very different than someone else’s. But if we know that we aren’t going to be beautiful to everyone – but that we are beautiful to some – logically, we can choose to believe those who find us beautiful or those who do not ; and where do we find more joy, more personal power? If beautiful is a comparative term, one interpreted by others, then if we are beautiful to someone we are in fact beautiful. I like the fact that we get to choose, and I wish more women knew they had this choice.

I think when we do this in a culture that values beauty we begin to acknowledge that we have value; and when we do this, everything begins to change. A woman who feels this sense of comfort and joy in who she is and spreads this to the people around her.

[Anti Aging Source] Your company is called “Exuberance" which is defined as overflowing with eager enjoyment or approval. How does this define your brand and products?

Jodi Fedor -Exuberance is also passion and that informs the way we approach things, and my own Exuberance informed the various elements of my company. I think it is easier to enjoy things that are beautiful, well designed and brimming with positive energy – that feels like Exuberance to me – and I wanted to create products that represented this. Our organic ingredients are one example of this. I started with the knowledge that I couldn’t use chemicals I thought could harm someone, so that meant I needed natural ingredients, which I knew had done amazing things for my skin… and then, since I was using natural ingredients, it seemed a logical choice to go towards organically grown ones, because those were the most healthy and active expression of the plant. Our products are water-free too…because that was the best way to make them. Exuberance does not always make for an easy experience; when I commit to something I commit to it fully, and where a sensible person would have given up (think mid-winter in a cottage in Quebec with the heat barely working and me faithfully driving up each day to make lotion), but my hard work began to pay off and I am happy to say I now get to experience more of the ‘general enjoyment’ part of Exuberance!

[Anti Aging Source] What is your daily routine to keep so looking so radiant and exuberant? :-)

I start with our Fragrance-Free Green Tea Cleanser, then a spray of either our Tangerine and Sugar Maple Toner (if I am getting signs of a breakout) or our Indian Rose & Aloe Toner, which is anti-aging and soothes my skin. Then I use our Neroli Serum, followed by our Wild Blueberry Lotion. A touch of Evening Primrose Eye Cream, and then our Helichrysum Silicone–Free primer, and I’m all done!

[Anti Aging Source] Also this is is probably linked to the above question, but what are your favourite products from your line? And why?

Jodi Fedor -Hmm…..I love them all, but it changes depending on what my skin looks like and the time of year. Right now my absolute favourites are our Evening Primrose Eye Cream because it makes my lines disappear. Our Neroli Serum, because it is the most decadent, firming serum I’ve ever tried or used. It is just a beautiful product. Also, our primer, because I quite literally still cannot believe what it does for my skin. We call it our 21-benefit primer, because there are so many benefits in it; it firms, tightens, helps makeup stay on, smoothes the surface of the skin, helps with scarring…the list goes on. It truly is the most amazing product, and the testimonials we receive are absolutely raving, which I love to here. The primer and our Neroli Serum have actually just been chosen for the celebrity Earth Day gift bags, with recipients ranging form Angelina Jolie to Gwyneth Paltrow.

[Anti Aging Source] What types of ingredients do you use in all your products and how are they different from other brands?

Jodi Fedor -There are a few differences.

1) All of our products are water-free, so there is more room for us to put in active ingredients.

2) We don’t look at the cost of the ingredients, but rather how they will benefit the skin, so you see ingredients that aren’t often used in skin care, simply because their cost usually makes them less attractive to developers – but they are so incredibly active I want to use them. Neroli oil is one example of this.

3) We use certified organic ingredients, because these are the cleanest expression of natural plant life, and the most active - some product contain up to 98% certified organic ingredients.

4) I personally design and blend the aromatherapy blends in our products to this day. Each product has a little bit of my love and creativity contained within it.

5) Each of our ingredients is thoughtfully chosen for how it will benefit the skin, including the ingredients that make up the scent – nothing we use is without thought and care.

[Anti Aging Source] Are there any new products/services or events that are coming out this year that my readers would want to check out?

Jodi Fedor - Absolutely! Our product line works to balance skin in a beautiful way, using plant adaptogens, and offers amazing results, but I am going to add a unique twist this year for women who want a more personalized approach – launching April one, I am going to be offering a custom skin consultation with me and then I will personally blend a skin care treatment for the recipients based on that consultation.

There is no other company in the world offering something like this, and I am so excited to work with women who want to offer their skin this kind of individual approach using some of the most potent natural ingredients in the world.It launches May 2 on our website:

Exuberance Beauty

It is so popular we currently have a waiting list! I am so excited to begin working one on one with women to help heal their skin.

The Anti Aging Source thoroughly endorses Jodi Fedor's products and Jodi Fedor's company

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