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KC Craichy Founder/CEO of Living Fuel

KC Craichy is the bestselling author of The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Needand Founder and CEO of Living Fuel, Inc. – The Leader in Superfood Nutrition. He is a health advocate, researcher, and recognized expert on natural health and performance nutrition. He serves on the Nutrition Advisory Board for Titleist Performance Institute as well as on the Clinical Nutrition Review Board (the certifying body of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutrition). His extensive study of leading-edge health research and collaborative work with top medical and nutritional practitioners to solve his wife Monica’s health problems – anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts – along with the grace of God, led him to the answers for Monica’s healing and to the founding of Living Fuel, Inc. KC and Monica have since helped numerous people overcome their own health issues. Together they are cohosts of the popular Internet TV program called Living Fuel TV. KC is also a frequent natural health and performance nutrition guest on various other TV and radio programs as well as a frequent contributor to national magazines and blogs. KC and Monica live in Tampa, Florida with their five children.

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Our Interview With KC Craichy!

[Anti Aging Source] You have an amazing story, one full of pain and challenges but also full of hope. First with you personally, you had weight challenges, how bad were they? And whatwas your warning bell that told you absolutely had to change?

KC Craichy -When I was a teenager, my anything goes childhood diet caught up with me and I became a fat kid. I was not hugely fat but pudgy enough to be able to experience how cruel kids can be with weight issues. As a teenager I discovered, inadvertently, that what I ate made a big difference in how I felt and how I looked. I actually felt like doing sports and working out. I still did not know what healthy eating really was, few did at that time. In my adult life my weight has fluctuated from fit and 230 and thinking I was fit at 265. I have settled back into the 230s and work to stay there now.

[Anti Aging Source] Now to talk a bit about your wife (I know how it is because my wife also has dealt with chronic back pain in the past, I know how draining it can be to have someone you love so much and want to take that pain away and be willing to try anything to take it away.) Can you describe what your wife was dealing with, what you tried first, and how you knew it wasn't working?

KC Craichy -About 16 years ago my wife Monica came down with some serious health challenges. She had previously been Miss Florida and competed in the Miss America Pageant - winning a talent award and then subsequently was Miss Florida USA and competed in the Miss USA Pageant - where she won 3rd runner up and 1st in the swimsuit competition. She was (and is) incredibly beautiful and talented, seemingly the picture of health and vitality on the outside, yet one day she started experiencing extreme anxiety attacks and became clinically depressed with suicidal thoughts. Doctors prescribed drugs and psychotherapy. Within a couple of weeks it became clear to us that God's will was not for her to become a patient for life and we decided to find another way. Being involved in the medical industry, I decided to dive into the literature and find the answers to what was causing her health issues. Over 10 years of research, trial and error we discovered 7 keys that completely resolved Monica’s health issues and she has not taken a drug in over 16 years. We now have five children. These 7 keys have helped thousands overcome their health issues and became the basis of our company Living Fuel and of my original best-selling book Super Health: Seven Golden Keys to Lifelong Vitality.

[Anti Aging Source] What did you start with to begin her recovery from those drugs and how long was the road to full recovery?

KC Craichy -I really thought we could resolve everything through clinical nutrition because I knew a lot of nutritionists and nutritionally knowledgeable doctors. They were very helpful for Monica who made great improvement but there were relapses and there was just something missing. It was a few years before Monica was fully recovered because we were pretty much learning how to deal with it on the fly. It was the discovery and application of the 7 Keys that eventually led to her complete healing.

[Anti Aging Source] After all has been said and done, how have these experiences, shaped your love of a healthy life and how do they "fuel" you to share Living Fuel with people?

KC Craichy -The Bible speaks the By the stripes of Jesus, we are healed. Interestingly, it is often by our stripes that others are healed. This experience profoundly changed us by giving us a passion to help others. Our only mission now is to Change Lives and we have been blessed to help countless others overcome their health issues.

[Anti Aging Source] What are the seven keys and four corners of your health system and how do they work together?

KC Craichy -The Super Health 7 Keys are Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Sleep, Environmental Hazards and Meditation and Prayer. My new book The Super Health Diet - The Last Diet You Will Every Need! also incorporates these 7 keys but as they pertain to weight optimization. The bottom line is that if you manage all 7 keys you will have abundant life and add years to your life and life to your years.

The Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition is the foundation of the Super Health nutrition system. It is a dietary system that includes 1-Calorie Restriction, 2-Antioxidant nutrition, 3-Low Glycemic Response/low sugar, and 4- Healthy Fats. These 4 approaches have over 3,000 research studies to back them up. According to the mountain of research this approach can increase energy, extend lifespan, delay onset of disease, optimize weight, enhance performance, and enhance performance.

[Anti Aging Source] As I am sure all my readers are wondering, how can your Living Fuel products delay the aging process?

KC Craichy -The most powerful anti-aging program starts with the Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition. Living Fuel superfood nutrition products are simply the most effective way to accomplish the Four Corners of Super Food Nutrition. They are Low Calorie & Nutrient Dense, High in broad-spectrum antioxidants, low glycemic/low sugar and contain healthy fats.

Living Fuel super smoothies are designed to sustain life indefinitely. Not just to survive but to thrive.

[Anti Aging Source] What are the main diseases, that can be avoided my following the Super Health Diet system?

KC Craichy -The first thing that comes to mind is weight optimization and resolving blood sugar issues such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The truth is that vast majority of disease are caused by diet and lifestyle choices. Nothing is 100 percent effective however just about every disease can be avoided or substantially delayed by following those two systems - The Super Health Diet and the Super Health 7 Keys.

[Anti Aging Source] Where do you recommend people start, when beginning on The Super Health Diet?

KC Craichy -I recommend people change from whatever they are drinking instead of water and drink only water and herbal teas. This will often reduce overall calorie consumption by as much as 15%. I then suggest drop snacking and eat three satisfying meals per day with 5-6 hours in between and not anything eating after 8 or 9 pm. I then ask people to read and absorb The Super Health Diet, making small changes in their lifestyle and adding more over time. Baby steps in the right direction are truly monster steps towards Super Health!

[Anti Aging Source] What is your personal regimen to stay so fit and toned?

KC Craichy - I follow the Super Health Diet principals and actively manage all the Super Health 7 Keys. I have a Living Fuel Superfood Smoothie for breakfast and at least one other meal. I exercise regularly using body weight exercises and high intensity interval training techniques which I write about in The Super Health Diet.

[Anti Aging Source] If you don't mind, do you and your wife use any skin creams, etc? (Because I most note you guys have flawless complexions!)

KC Craichy - Thank you for saying so. First it is really important to mention that the best skin treatment is superfood nutrition. On top of that Monica uses a variety of organic skin creams on her face she really likes a product designed by a friend of ours, Dr. Luke Cua, called Beauty Plus Herbal Face Cream by She has recently also started using a product recommended by Dr. Patrick Purdue called ultra Hydrate Rx by Devita Rx, also uses a body cream called called Alba from Alba Botanicals. She also likes for body and face as well as massage blend I make that includes organic coconut oil, organic aloe, vitamin a, vitamin e and magnesium oil.

[Anti Aging Source] Is there anything else going on at Living Fuel, that my readers might feel is important or any great news coming out soon you can share with us?

KC Craichy - We are best known for our LivingFuel Superfood Smoothie Mixes and Living Protein however just about everyone that likes coconut loves our CocoChia sustained energy bars and Snack Mix. Also, just about everyone can benefit from taking our SuperEssentials Omega 3EDA. It is the most sophisticated essential fatty acids supplement on the market. What is really new you will appreciate after you read The Dynamic Role of the Super Health Diet and understand the power of the two techniques called The Stealth Technique of Preloading a Meal with Essential Amino Acids and about the Micro Fast. The product is coming out any day now and it is called SuperEssentials Aminos (Check the links above for availability).

The Super Health Diet Book Cover

(Click The Image Above To Find This Book On Amazon!)

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