A List Of Heart Diseases, The Number One Killer Disease in The US

Read on for a list of heart diseases, the different types of heart disease, and statistics about heart disease, but most importantly how to avoid heart disease in the first place!

Did you know that there is more then one form of heart disease? That is why we put together this list of heart diseases, so that you might be better informed.

My goal is to bring you the major information on these different types, along with some statistics about heart disease and then wrap it all up with some simple to follow diet and exercise tips and supplement suggestions to help you avoid it all together!

Particularly if you are at risk (Have a family history of heart disease or have been told by a doctor you have risk factors) you need to read this!

First some short but scary statistics about heart disease to set the mood and let us know just how big of a disease we are dealing with here:

Sad Statistics About Heart Disease

Most of us die from it: * In 2006, over 600,000 people died of heart disease. Heart disease caused 26% of deaths (more than one in every four!) in the United States.

It is a equal opportunity killer effecting both sexes equally:

* Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2006 were women.

So not just men need to be concerned and prevent this disease.

This tree of death has a main root (discussed more later):

* Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease. In 2005, 445,687 people died from coronary heart disease.

So this is the one you need to be focusing on...

It happens all the time:

* Every year over 700,000 Americans have just a first heart attack. Another 470,000 who have already had one or more heart attacks will have another attack.

So be sure to know the different symptoms for the different types below because only %26 of people know them all!

They are more then just chest pains.

Who knows you may save a life! It is costing us all a ton of money:

* In 2010, heart disease will cost the United States an estimated $316.4 billion. This total includes the cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity.

Just imagine what this is going to cost our new public health care system when it becomes completely active in a few years! For some more similar facts but also a good dose of how to prevent heart disease go to our our facts on heart disease section.

Now on to our list of heart diseases:

The Anti-Aging-Source.com List of Heart Diseases:

Please note: We made this list to be as simple as possible to understand and use as little technical language as possible please let us know if you need any further assistance understanding our list of heart diseases.

The main types of heart disease are listed here in order of seriousness:

Coronary heart disease

This is the most common form of Heart disease, so it is the one that you need to be most focused on avoiding.

Coronary heart disease refers to the failure of your blood vessels to circulate blood to your heart and organs due to gunk build up on the walls of your circulatory system.

Coronary heart disease is often confused with Coronary artery disease although coronary heart disease can be due to a few different causes, while coronary artery disease has only one cause.

Coronary artery disease

Is a disease of the blood circulation system caused by junk within (Not on the walls like coronary heart disease) the walls of the arteries (The things that keep our blood moving) that supply the rest of the body.

Alcoholic heart disease

This is pretty much self explanatory. But just to be clear this form of the disease is due to the overuse of alcohol.

Congenital heart disease

This disease on our list of heart diseases is caused by birth defects that one way or other weaken the heart muscle and is one the primary causes of early childhood death in America.

Hypertensive heart disease

This is heart disease brought on by out of control, long term high blood pressure. It is just one of many diseases and conditions brought on by high blood pressure. High blood pressure also affects the liver very poorly among other organs.

Valvular heart disease

Heart disease that affects the valves of the heart and not so much the heart itself, this can be congenital (A birth defect see Congenital heart disease above) or can be developed over time.

Inflammatory heart disease

Heart disease caused by inflammation (swelling) of the heart wall. This can be caused by bad bacteria getting past the immune system or stress.

Dilated Heart Disease

In this disease the heart (especially the left ventricle) is enlarged and the pumping function limited causing a loss of blood to the rest of the body.

Hypertrophic Heart Disease

This is a genetic disorder caused by various mutations in our genes. Here the heart muscle is thickened (Less elastic), which can obstruct blood flow and stop the heart from working right.

Restrictive heart disease

This is the least common disease of the heart, the walls of the heart ventricles are stiff, but may not be thickened, and resists the normal filling of the heart with blood.

So what can be done about these diseases?

That leads us to our next section:

Heart Disease Prevention

So how to prevent heart disease?

Here are 4 easy to follow tips:

-De-stress your life, learn to relax and enjoy life all of your organs will thank you and it will do wonders for your blood pressure. For help on this view our Anti Aging Mindset page.

-Boost your immune system. If you noticed a few of those on the list of heart diseases were caused by infections and bacteria. If you have a strong immune system it will be that much harder to get sick period. (See Anti Aging Supplements for more info)

-Exercise your heart, do things that get your heart pumping like ride your bike or a light jog. Things that get you moving and your heart pumping will help stop the irregular heart diseases because working the heart muscle out keeps it structured and balanced and keep you from many of those diseases on that list of heart diseases. See Anti Aging Exercise for more tips.

-Eat a heart supporting diet and supplement program. Diets high in fiber and good fatty acids along with resveratrol supplements and Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements have been clinically proven to help prevent heart disease.

Find out some of the good Resveratrol sources out there.

See the links above and Anti Aging Diet for more good heart building foods.

Also for some further information and a few other tips on how to prevent heart disease Go to the 10 facts on heart disease you need to know page.

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