by Heta

My Top Anti Aging Tips:

1. To prevent the wrinkling of skin eat plenty of gooseberries which has many natural anti ageing nutrients in it.

2. Besides gooseberries are good to help reduce blood sugar level and will smooth your skin.

3. Make a paste by mixing turmeric and guava leaf which is very good for skin and will help to remove black marks etc.

4. Massage the skin with a mixture of coconut oil and sugar. It will help in the growth of new cells and provide a scrubby effect. If coconut oil is not available then massage your skin with any other oils like olive oil etc.

5. For men who had sexual problems faced due to aging can be limited up to certain extend by eating plenty of dates (a type of fruit).Many date products like juice etc are now available in the market. Besides it will help in the filtering of blood.

6. Drink plenty of water which is very essential for our health.

7. Go for morning or evening walk at least for half an hour.

8. Wash your hair with mustard mixture which is good for your hair.

9. Eat plenty of calcium rich products which is good for our bones and teeth.

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