Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set Review

by Becca
(New Brunswick NJ )

I purchased the Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set kit after being persuaded by my Mary Kay consultant. I bought it during a promotion and I am so happy that I did.

It is amazing! The products feel very light on my skin. Nothing is overly oily or heavy. I noticed a change in my skin texture and look after about ten or twelve days of using the kit. The initial products I bought were a smaller size, so I had to order more, but is was well worth it.

There are five steps to the Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set program. The moisturizer seems to help my skin become firmer and brighter. It is not at all oily like the previous skin care line that I used. Usually I have a problem with having very dry skin. The moisturizer has helped alot with making it much softer. I have on occasion forgotten a step in the skin care regime. I have even used day cream when I should have used night or vice versa. This has never caused a problem.

I have seen a huge turn around in the condition of my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to start a skin care regiment. I do recommend that you order a start up kit, ordering the items separately is far more costly.

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