My Best Anti Aging Tips

by Christi

For anti aging the best medicine and a way is only through the yoga, meditation, good quality food, deep sleep and some simple exercise.

For your mind:

Keep you mind always happy, with a smile at your face, always free from worries, eating herbal food, nature food, fruits, organic vegetables, and organic rice.

Thinking must be of positive in nature, no more negative thinking or ill feelings, keep your vibrations and wave length very pleasing at all times.

Pray to god, in which you belive in irrespective of religion.

For skin care:

Apply natural coconut oil on the head with gentle massage, take oil bath with sesame oil twice in a week. Avoid roaming far in the hot sun, apply sandal paste, made with the addition of cow milk in it, on face when you go to bed, always remember to avoid any type of cosmetic made or mixed with chemicals and synthetic materials in it. Wear pure cotton clothes to avoid wrinkles in the body skin.

These are some of the hints for keeping and maintaining you anti aging ways. apart from these if you require any more details about this check out the rest of this page! I love this place!

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