My experience with Obagi Tretinoin Cream USP .05% (review)

by William Richards
(Holland Patent, NY)

Anti Aging Society

A Obagi Tretinoin .05% review

I am a 20 year old man currently in my 3rd year of college. Last summer I got a few really bad sunburns and afterward wrinkles started showing up on my forehead and under my eyes.I also noticed some of my skin now had a leathery texture and had enlarged pores on my cheeks. I researched info on the web and basically learned that very few anti-aging products on the market actually work and that I should go visit a dermatologist. After visiting the dermatologist i was prescribed Tretinoin .05% cream which is a form of Retin-A(vitamin-A).

The product is supposed to work by exfoliating the top layer of skin and help new healthy skin form build underneath. Within 3-6 months wrinkles are supposed to noticeably decrease.

My experience so far has been a mixed pack.

Although some of the other properties Tretinoin is supposed to have such as acne prevention and clearing acne marks has definitely happened I have not yet seen any wrinkles improve. Worse yet in the 3 months I have been using it I have seen more wrinkles show up although is may have been from overusing the product. I will continue to use the product for the next 3 months although not on the every night basis that I was using Tretinoin before.

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