My Trick to Help Prevent Aging, Sliced Avocado!

by Brandon A
(Newcastle, Ontario, Canada)

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine got into a discussion about looking younger, which essentially developed into a discussion about how we could prevent ourselves from gradually looking older and older. After a while, it actually turned into more of a debate than anything. I argued that what happens will happen, and that there's nothing we can do to stop it, while his rebuttal was that there were a bunch of home remedies he had heard of that he swore would work, and he thought we should give them a try.

Feeling a bit foolish, I agreed (more so to prevent the debate from escalating than anything) to give one a try, which was applying sliced avocado to my face. Fast forwarding a bit, I have been doing this a few times a week up until this day, and I swear it has improved the quality of my skin. I did some research, and I guess it's something to do with how oily avocados are that can help improve your skin, but my skin definitely feels softer than ever, and I haven't noticed many wrinkles at all. Don't get me wrong, I very well could be crazy, but I'm sticking with what seems to have worked with me. I mean, it's simple to do, inexpensive, and actually kind of fun. Why would I quit now?

Give it a shot, if you feel so inclined. What do you have to lose?

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