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Natural Supplements For Coronary Heart Disease Along With Some Preventative Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Before starting on any natural supplements for coronary heart disease I wanted to let you know that these tips and supplements have been shown to be effective in clinical studies but be sure to talk to your doctor before you start on any new diet or regimen. We are not anti-doctors just anti aging and avoiding ever having to go to them in the first place, but if you find yourself having a condition like heart disease, a combination of natural practices to heal the underlying problems and medicine to treat symptoms can be most effective.

So what do we know about Coronary Heart Disease?

These three main things:

If you have diabetes you have a high risk to get it and die from Coronary Heart DiseaseHigh blood pressure increases your risk of heart failure if you have heart disease.Your cholesterol levels have a lot to do with it: i.e. your LDL ("bad") cholesterol should be as low as possible, and your HDL ("good") cholesterol.So any natural supplements for coronary heart disease should address all three of these issues to be truly effective.

For Those Where Diabetes May Be An Issue

If you have or are per-diabetic it is not the end of your life! You have many options.

First, diet has been linked the most to leading to and away from Diabetes and a natural approach has been shown to be ultra effective.

Eating a diet that is full of raw vegetables and fruits (At least 51% of your diet) is a very good place to start. Read about more at our Anti Aging Diet page. Below is a link to a video of a documentary that shows that through good nutrition alone it is possible to be really free of Diabetes.

I can not recommend this DVD enough:

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If High Blood Pressure Or Cholesterol Is Your Concern

First, stress is the major contributor to high blood pressure, so the best and most natural remedy to this, is to as much as possible de-stress your life. See my Anti Aging Mindset page for tips on that.Some supplements/Herbs (can be taken separate or together) that have been shown to reduce stress:-B-vitamin complex (All 12 in proper amounts)-L-theanine and L-tyrosine (Together is best) -Ashwagandha-Ginko Root-Hawthorn

Some natural supplements for coronary heart disease that have been clinically shown to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol (Our next concern) and heart disease risk at the same time :

-Omega 3-Calcium-Vitamin E-Coenzyme Q10-Resveratrol

-Concentrated Garlic (Try and get one with the smell taken out! This helps a lot with blood pressure)

Some Good News!

We just began offering a package that supplies all the natural supplements for coronary heart disease that you need from the above!

Our first package is a basic package that covers all those things hard to get enough of in your diet:

- The Best Omega 3 Fish Oil

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-Vitamin E Complex

-This is not just Vitamin E but Selenium and Grapeseed extract.

-These combine to give the maximum benefit not only to your heart but your skin and immune system as well.

In this package you receive enough Omega 3 and Vitamin E for three whole months!


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My 100% Guarantee:

I guarantee everything in this package personally you will not have problem with the purity, safety, or effectiveness. If you have any problems at all you will be given my personal phone number and email.

So how much does this cost?

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