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The Source Guide to Organic Food Benefits

Organic foods are one of the fastest growing sectors of the food industry. So are organic food benefits worth almost double the cost(yikes)in some cases? Are there cheaper ways to get organic foods (I bet you are hoping this is a yes and fortunately it is so keep reading!!)?

We are going to be discussing in this page first a short history of organic food, then organic food benefits, and finally how you can find the best organic food available for cheap!

Organic Food History

If you really want to get technical before the last 100 years or so there was no difference between organic and non-organic. Around 1940 is when the difference came into focus and the term was coined in the book, "Look to the Land" by Lord Northbourne.

This past century has seen the rise of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and importation of fruits and vegetables from thousands of miles away.

In the case of non-organic livestock, this can mean having been given growth hormones and other chemically based food, kept in a cage their whole life, and sourced also from up to thousands of miles away.

So what about organic food what are the differences? Continue on to the next section:

Organic Food Benefits

So what are the organic food benefits?

All of the processes in the last section that we now use degrade the food quality, taste and nutrient (antioxidants and vitamins) content of the foods.

But they also harm the earth, the pesticides and fertilizers end up in the water and make in to our lakes, rivers and oceans. Here in Florida this is a major problem that is destroying our waterways.

Organic foods do not use any of the above methods, and when it comes to organic foods there are many restrictions and methods that must be used to be certified organic they cannot use chemical pesticides and the fertilizer must be natural, and the food can not be transported a long distance.

In the case of livestock, organic means they were only fed organic food, are allowed freedom of movement, and are allowed to grow naturally.

So there are tons of organic food benefits! But do they translate into us living longer? The jury is still out on this one. Studies have gone both ways in many cases. Through my analysis of the evidence I believe there is more evidence of immense organic food benefits then not.

I prefer to buy organic though not only for the immediate health benefits for myself.

When you really think about it what is good for the earth will be good for me in the long run. So in both ways I am looking out for my future and the future of my children and grandchildren.

So what can be done to get these great benefits for a better price?

See below!

Ways to Get Cheap Organic Food

There are three different ways to get cheap organic food.

1. The first is to use coupons and search for sales wisely. This is a great free program I found called which I have found many good deals on Organic foods all the time!

2. Another great way to get cheaper is to find a

local organic co-op . Click on the link provided a free search feature to find the closest one.

3. Shop at your local farmer's market . Click to search there for a local one in your area.

All of these combined and you will find yourself paying never paying full price for your organic food, saving money and extending your life all in one fell swoop!

For more information visit our partner site who has a great page on Certified Organic Foods

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