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Preventative Health Care, The Source's Philosopy of Health

So what is preventative health care?

If you are here to check out what this site is all about (and you probably are). Then this is a phrase you must understand and one that I will now seek to explain.

Simply put it is stopping diseases before they happen and nowhere is this more important then when you want to live longer.

When you go to the doctor now, you go for two reasons. Either something hurts and you want to see what it is or something might be wrong (and you don't know it yet) so you go for your screening.

Both of these reasons are fine and good on their own but they are neither one of them what we are talking about.

They are both catching things that have already happened.

In the first scenario, You were hurt so you went. In the second, you were hurt and you didn't know it but went anyway.

Preventative health care is about not getting hurt in the first place.

So how can preventative health care do that?

You have probably heard people who's diet has [insert food ingredient/nutrient/vitamin] have a [insert number]% chance of developing [insert disease/cause of death] before.

And that is part of it. These commercials or studies that you have heard these things is a good start to a preventative health care program. By finding a balanced diet that takes these factors into account can do much to take the risk out of your life.

So that is a good start, also there are is also daily exercise that can prevent many diseases.

Then you have probably heard about at least some of the different supplements out there and these also have a part in preventing disease and are anti aging in nature.

After all this is taking care of your skin and the billions of creams and therapies.

So then how to put all this into practice and separate all the hype from the facts?

That is what is all about!!!

Check out my Anti Aging Diet/Longevity Diet for a broad picture and then after that check out, Anti Aging Foods for some specific foods that can help.

Then after that visit Anti Aging Exercise to find some simple exercises that prevent disease.

This is only the beginning of a good preventative program. Next we stress here a good Anti Aging Supplements program which can fill in the holes in any diet.

Here is the key though to any preventative measures and that is personalization to your exact needs.

We all have points physically where we are weaker at then others. Heart disease or cancer can run in the family or any one of a thousand genetic disorders out there.

Visit Aging Diseases for a broad overview of the main killer aging diseases out there now and check back often because it is constantly updated with new information on specific diseases!

So in conclusion, if you are interested live longer you want to be proactive about your health and make preventative health care your focus.

And this is the site to find out all about it! Click here to go Home from Preventative Health Care