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The Incredible Resveratrol Anti Aging Supplements

So what is so amazing about Resveratrol anti aging supplements? Well they have the highest potential of any Anti Aging supplement on the market today.

Just to give a quick preview of what's to come, it has been shown to extend the life of multiple species, from yeast cells to fish and even mice in labs by up to %25. In one of the studies it extended life despite a bad diet!

There are now over 1,500 papers, studies and clinical studies written on Resveratrol and they attest to it's safety and effectiveness in dealing with the 4 aging processes (More on this later)

To give you the full picture we are going to briefly discuss Resveratrol's history, effect on the human body, and how to find the best Resveratrol anti aging supplements for you.

The History of Resveratrol Supplements

This supplement was discovered by Dr. David Sinclair while doing research into the "French Paradox" (The French Paradox is the interesting fact that the French despite a diet high in fat and alcohol have a low heart disease rate and longer life).

While testing the thousands of substances used in French daily life he more or less stumbled upon Resveratrol finding it extended the life of Yeast Cells by an average of %25.

So what is this substance?

It is essentially a super antioxidant (With many more properties and effects then normal antioxidants) found in skin of grapes, pomegranates, roots among other sources. See Resveratrol Sources for more info.

In the skin of grapes it is used to protect the grape against bacteria, mold, and pests.

It was soon a breakthrough focused on in sections of 60 minutes, Barbara Walters, Oprah, and ABC News, among others.

It was then and more importantly, is now still a big deal and is continuing to make recent headlines as recent as this month!

Resveratrol Supplements Effect on The Human Body

While Resveratrol seems to have a huge range of effects the whole human body, from being anti-cancer to stopping blindness cells from forming, what is the base of it's effect on the body?

Well it all has to do with it's effect on the four aging processes and here they are in no particular order:

• DNA Damage

Every day, every cell in your body is attacked by hundreds of thousands of DNA-damaging assaults (From the sun to . These assaults damage the cell’s genetic code, creating a “oops” and each new one building on top of the last, this over time reduces how the cell works and how long they last.

• Genetic Regulators

Our bodies have their own genetic regulators that keep aging diseases (degenerative diseases) in control, by trying to keep a balance between damage and repair, including also if a cell will live or not. This too breaks down over time.

• Energy Production Slows Down

Mitochondria (Our bodies Cellular Power Plants) in our cells create energy without which we can’t survive. As the mitochondria become less efficient, our cells ability to replicate and defend our body declines.

• AGE Proteins Increase

We also start gaining Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) these proteins essentially start clogging up the system and start causing inflammation which damages our cells that can cause multiple problems through out the body.

Resveratrol anti aging supplements alone of all the anti aging supplements available have been proven to reduce all four of these processes!

So this is how it can have such a wide range of awesome effects on our body. It touches the very core of our being, and so touches every part of our physical frame!

Finding the Perfect One Of The Resveratrol Supplements For You

The perfect Resveratrol anti aging supplement for you has a very high concentration to have the optimum effect. (At least the effectiveness of 3-5 g) there are a few of them out there that I have been researching and testing.

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